Wednesday, May 22, 2024

NeNe Leakes Denies Instigating Gay Rumors About Kim Fields’ Husband

NeNe Leakes*NeNe Leakes was Andy Cohen‘s guest on ‘Watch What Happens Live’  and she was called out for her part in the gay gossip rumors that the ladies of RHOA have been stirring about Kim Fields’ husband, Chris Morgan.

Leakes has mostly laughed at the speculation, while trying to remain respectful to Fields. During Sunday’s episode, Kim refused to entertain the drama. After the show, however, she blasted co-star Kenya Moore for hinting that her man is gay.

When host Andy Cohen claimed that she’s just as responsible for instigating the drama, Leakes vehemently denied it.

“I was not! OK, let’s be clear, Andy Cohen, you are not gonna throw me under the bus!” Leakes said. She went on to explain that she does not think Chris is gay.

“Let’s be clear, Andy Cohen, you are not going to throw me under the bus over here,” NeNe added. “There was something that happened on the bus – on the real bus – in Jamaica that was never seen on the show that Phaedra, myself, and Porsha were talking about. We had a little run-in with Chris. We did, and Chris apologized later. I think that’s where our comments were coming from. Chris was recently at my home – he was there at my home during Super Bowl. I do not think that Chris is gay. If I think you are gay, I will say it. I don’t think Chris is gay at all. I want to be clear about that. I don’t think Chris is gay. At all.”

When a caller questions NeNe for laughing at Kenya’s comments about Chris, NeNe explained how her reaction to the gay drama is all in fun.

“I love a good laugh. The things Kenya were saying were really really funny and I will laugh at anything. But after a while I thought it was going a little bit far.”

Reality Tea notes that later in the show, NeNe admits she doesn’t think Kim fits in on ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta.’

“Now, I like Kim, let’s just be clear about that,” she adds. “I really do like Kim. It’s something about Kim that’s cool on the show, that she’s different than all of us, that’s kind of cool. But there’s parts that she just doesn’t fit in. It’s weird like Kim never ever watched reality TV before. It’s just like weird.”

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