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Before Muhammad Ali’s Death, Son Says ‘Evil Stepmom’ Kept Him Prisoner

muhammad ali jr
Muhammad Ali Jr.

Muhammad Ali, who passed away in early June, was involved in a family feud regarding his kids before his death.

According to RadarOnline, Lonnie, Ali’s wife of 27 years, would not let Ali’s children see their father.

“I can only speak for myself,” said Muhammad Ali Jr. before his father’s death, “but we don’t get to see my father as much as we’d like to. We love him, and we can take care of him as he should be cared for.”

Ali Jr. believed that he and the rest of his siblings should have been the ones who took care of their father and overseen his medical treatments. Whether or not Ali was estranged from Lonnie, he did have the right to petition visitation rights — also known as companionship rights — with his children and grandchildren.

Ali Jr. and the rest of his siblings considered fighting in court for visitation rights and conservatorship of their Parkinson’s-stricken father.

“It’s not that Lonnie is all about caring about my father,” Ali Jr. added, “it’s all about what she can get. We would prefer to see his care in control of the family.”

Muhammad Ali’s brother, Rahman, said that Lonnie was “evil” and that she drained Ali’s $50 million estate and was keeping him locked away as a “prisoner in his own home.”

Muhammad Ali’s family issued a statement months before his deaths regarding Ali Jr.’s comments and allegations about not being able to visit Ali because of Lonnie:

“Muhammad’s children have always visited their father… the Ali family feels that Muhammad Jr. is being manipulated to make false claims to the media, possibly for monetary gain.”

But the Daily Mail reports that Khalilah Ali, Ali’s second wife, has nothing but contempt for Ali’s widow and fourth wife, Lonnie.

“She was selfish not only with money but also with Ali,” Khalilah said. “He had a whole family he couldn’t go and see. How can she say she cares for a man when she doesn’t even let him see his brother?”

Khalilah Ali stated that all their children were with Muhammad as he passed away.

Image Source: the Dutch National Archives

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