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HBCU and Black Tech Co. Unlock Diabetes Solution

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HBCU and Black Tech Co. Unlock Diabetes Solution

*In an age of so many disruptive technologies, there are few that stand out as true potential game-changers. George McKinney and his company, Better Life Technologies Group, have developed a technology that may just be one of the best kept secrets in medical science.

Better Life Technologies’ Glucose Diagnostic Sensor has a plethora of applications that make it a unicorn in the area of non-invasive Glucose detection, which very well may be applied to the detection of other diseases.

In August of 2016, the company developed a partnership with the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff. The University will work hand-in hand with Fallbrook Engineering of Leucadia CA a medical device development company that has been a leader in medical equipment for diabetes and has gain notoriety for their work on stent technology with Dr. Paul Teirstien head of Cardiology of Scripps Hospital of La Jolla.

Black tech co. – Better Life Technologies Group

Better Life Technologies Group has recently secured a patent-pending on a device that detects blood content and glucose in a non-invasive fashion from emissions that come from the skin.

This will be a welcomed development for individuals who fear needles at doctor’s appointments, and the Elderly who have trouble finding veins. The glucose diagnostic system will be able to be worn like a watch, and help detect early stages of cancer, and symptoms of diabetes, electrolytes, and much more.

This technology promises to be truly disruptive and revolutionary to medical science industry. Importantly, once their newest invention receives funding, the University will dedicate staff and faculty to solve the technological problem of diabetes and other medical issues plaguing our society.

“A lot of times, the VC’s and Angel Investors look the direction that everyone is going. However, in many cases the answer to the question lies in a solution that is counter to the conventional wisdom in a particular area” says McKinney. “When a tech company gets together with a university to solve problems in the scientific community, there sometimes is this fear of being embarrassed which considering ideas that are too far outside the conventional box, which tends to direct great minds towards variations of the same solutions.

This puts our greatest minds in a scientific echo-chamber, I think the real trail blazing comes from those who are able to take on conventional wisdom to focus on improving life and health for everyone. A different story needs to be told which involves the tremendous amount of discoveries that lie outside the echo-chamber of conventional thought. I’m hoping this becomes a model for the future, however to get there, it is of utmost importance that we receive your support financially, and with your help we can make it happen.”

As it happens with many inventions, it was while working on the prototype for McKinney’s patent, that his team of engineers and scientists stumbled upon the technology that they are currently using to create their glucose diagnostic system.

“The challenge is to get people excited about it. We feel like we have the Holy Grail and as one of the partners of one of this nation’s top 10 IP Legal firms once stated, “George if you are successful, you and your firm are going to change the face of medicine.”

McKinney asks, for your support for Better Life Technologies Group by visiting and donating to the site below.

To donate, visit:–3/x/8424087#/




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