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Garcelle Beauvais Talks Criticism for Not Breastfeeding

Garcelle Beauvais

*Garcelle Beauvais opened up to PEOPLE’s new Mom Talk video series about why she opted not to breastfeed her twin boys, a decision that resulted in the former model/actress receiving a lot of criticism for.

“I didn’t nurse and I got a lot of flak for it,” Beauvais, 48, says series about her decision to not nurse her twin sons, Jax and Jaid, after they were born eight years ago. “People are like ‘Oh, you’re not going to breastfeed your children?’ ”

Molly Sims, 42, who also took part in the discussion alongside Beauvais, Soleil Moon-Frye and Haylie Duff, says she also felt judged after she needed to supplement her milk supply after giving birth.

“I had so much judgment,” she shares. “I had a horrible milk supply. I went on supplements, I went on an illegal drug from Canada. I did everything, and basically they were like, ‘You have to start supplementing right away. You physically do not make enough milk to feed your baby.’ ”

Beauvais, who expressed no regret about her decision not to breastfeed, laughed as she recalled the natural solution she used to curb her milk supply: cabbage leaves!

“A family friend of ours said the way to get my milk out is to put cabbage leaves on my boobs,” she jokes. “So my mother-in-law at the time was at home and she was like ‘What color? What kind of cabbage?’ And I was like, ‘I don’t care! Just get anything!’ ”

Earlier this year, she spoke publicly about the devastating moment she discovered her ex husband, and father of her twins, was cheating on her with a young college student.

Beauvais said she thought she “won the lotto of husbands” when she met talent agent Mike Nilon and married him in 2001. They welcomed twin boys six years later.

However, after almost nine years of marriage, Beauvais’ discovered that Nilon had been cheating when she stumbled upon a text message on her husband’s phone.

“I forgot my phone at home. I said, ‘Hey, can I use your phone to call your mom?’ So, I went to go make the call and I saw, ‘I love you’ [on the phone],” Beauvais says. “I looked again, and I said, ‘What’s this?’ That’s pretty much how everything changed.”


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