Saturday, June 22, 2024

Drake Struggles With ‘Work Banter’ in Cut ‘SNL’ Sketch (Watch)

Drake in cut "SNL" skit "Work Banter"
Drake in cut “SNL” skit “Work Banter”

*An unaired sketch from “Saturday Night Live” featuring host Drake is finally seeing the light of day.

The bit, titled “Work Banter,” was cut for time during the broadcast hosted by the rapper last month. In the footage, Drake plays a new employee at Kinko’s, where he has to work alongside “SNL” cast members Beck Bennett and Bobby Moynihan.

Conversation between the latter two is effortless, full of inside jokes and synced movements. But every time Drake tries to mimic the behavior to fit in, he is rebuffed. “You’re a peach, but you did it wrong.”

In retaliation, the rapper defiantly starts to incorporate his own unique banter.

Watch below:

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