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Cynthia Bailey to File For Divorce: ‘I Don’t Want to be Married to Peter Anymore.’

Cynthia Bailey and Peter Thomas of "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" reunion
Cynthia Bailey and Peter Thomas of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” reunion

*She confirmed her separation from Peter Thomas to The Daily Dish in May. Now, Cynthia Bailey is telling E! News that she plans to divorce her husband of six years, saying that she hasn’t seen the man in person since February.

“I want to take some time for myself. I think the time apart has been good for him as well. It wasn’t like I had to do it right this second but the more we got used to not being together and living together, the easier this divorce is going to be,” the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star told E! News. “I don’t want it to be an ugly divorce because I still love Peter. I just don’t want to be married to Peter anymore. It’s as simple as that. I still root for him. I want him to win. I still love and support him. We are just not going to be married anymore.”

Cynthia says she’s not ready to jump into the dating pool just yet, since she’s “trying to get out of a relationship, not into one.” She feels fine with where she’s at right now.

“I am really at peace with my relationship with Peter because I really feel like I gave it all I could give. I can’t speak for every women on the Earth, but I know what I am able to do and I feel like I have done as much as I can do and still be happy and still respect my husband and still love my husband,” she shared. “I can be a better friend to him at this point in the relationship than I can as his wife.”

Bailey was quick to point out that her involvement in “RHOA” did not destroy their marriage.

“Regardless of if we were on the show or not, our issues would have happened anyways because it’s just personalities and it’s just chemistry and it’s also compatibility,” she said. “I am really optimistic that in the end, after we take some time, we are going to be friends at the end of this because that was the start.”

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