Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Teyana Taylor Reveals She and Iman Shumpert Are Now Married (WATCH)

*Well damn, how about this. When nobody was looking Teyana Taylor and Iman Shumpert went and got hitched. The singer, whose body stole the show in the risqué video for Kanye West’s “Fade,” broke the news today (09-20-16) on the “Wendy Williams Show.”

It seems Wendy apparently knew something had gone down between the two and when she tried to get it out of Taylor, she hedged, saying “Maybe. Maybe not.”

Obviously you already know she came around and admitted that she and the Cleveland Cavaliers baller had secretly wed. Interestingly, it came out while talking about recovering from the revelation that a one-time best friend of hers had slept with her man.

teyana taylor & iman shumpert

“Remaining a good person, and allowing myself to love again is why I am where I am. I have a beautiful baby,” Taylor, 25, said before confirming that she was indeed married:

“I have a wonderful husband.”

At that point she displayed her so-called “untreated” ruby wedding ring that she said is, “worth more than a diamond.”

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“He’s so supportive,” she told the host. “Not only is he a basketball player he’s really just everything. He’s like, ‘No babe, let’s do it, it’s time, let’s roll, get in the studio.’ He’s in the studio with me, he’s writing with me. His credits are all over my album. He’s my biggest supporter.”

iman & teyana (a lotta skin )


Taylor made it clear she feels her Shumpert, 26, who delivered their daughter, Iman Tayla, last December, is dedicated to both her and her career in spite of the recent cheating scandal he got caught up in and admitted to. Here’s what Shumpert had to say about his indiscretions.

“I was young. I was selfish. I’ve broken hearts and been insensitive to them. I never really cared what the Internet said of me until now and it’s not because they’re antagonizing me…they are now directing hate toward a woman that gives off nothing but positive energy and deserves nothing more than the world that I vow to give her.”

He added:

“I normally wouldn’t acknowledge this type of thing but you guys win. If you’re going to send the hate, direct it at me. Don’t make her pay for my mistakes. I’m older now, I’m different now. It’s Peace and love. Don’t make her pay for the mistakes of my past.”




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