Monday, August 8, 2022

Entire Black Church in Charlotte Endorsing Donald Trump (Watch)


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*Every last member of a black church in Charlotte, North Carolina has thrown support behind Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, believing the initiatives of his Democratic rival Hillary Clinton are “reckless” and actually hurt the very community the church serves.

“It had a rippling effect,” Katrina Rodgers of Antioch Road to Glory International Ministries told WSOC TV of Clinton’s husband President Bill Clinton’s policies. “Not only did the prison population increase but it brought about division in our homes.”

“Providing jobs would automatically have a rippling effect on the economy which would have effects on crime rates which would have its effect on families,” Rodger said of Trump’s proposals.

Church members held a town hall Sunday with headliners such as Trump’s daughter-in-law, Lara Trump, and his standout on “The Apprentice” Omarosa, who is currently his Director of African American Outreach.

Rodgers, daughter of the church’s founder Thomas Rodgers, Sr., said their support of Trump may go against traditional political leanings in the black community, but they feel what they are doing is what’s best for their community.

Rodgers said she knows the move isn’t popular and the church has already been ridiculed for its stance.

“This is what we feel in our hearts of hearts that is right for us to do so we’re moving forward on that,” Rodgers said.

Watch a report on the church’s Town Hall below.

Lara Trump, wife of Donald’s son Eric Trump, made headlines in a post-Town Hall interview with CNN when she forgot the “definition of insanity” while trying to attack Clinton.

Watch below (at the 3:26 mark):

Below, Katrina Rodgers and her father Thomas Rodgers, Sr. lay out in detail why the church is supporting Trump over Clinton:



  1. They said that voting for Trump is “going against the grain.” Well, so is walking across a busy highway while blindfolded. And you’ll probably end up with the same results.

  2. So, they want to “Do something new.” by voting for Trump. I guess playing Russian Roulette with 6 bullets instead of just one bullet would be something new.

  3. I know most of the maga church’s in Charlotte and I know a lot of starter up store front churces,,,,,,,I also know which sounds like a gathering like this one …….A Hold In the Wall that can’t get along with anybody so they start up their own family and friends church……They only need 7 member in order to get a tax break and a charter from the goverment to get the ball rolli

  4. They can lose their tax exempt status for mixing Church and State. Also, they all need brain transplants!

    • Horrors. A Republican President gets endorsed by some God loving black folks. How many Democrat candidates have actually taken the pulpit of black churches, walked away and never done rats patuty for them?
      You forget it was the Republicans who desegregated the schools with not one Democrat vote.
      You forget LBJ with his Great Society that destroyed the black nuclear family told his cronies, “With this bill, we’ll have the N@@@rs voting Democrat for the next 200 years.
      And these Trump supporters are stupid? Yo!

  5. Apparently they no nothing about foreign policy..This man has insulted every nationality on earth,,Now tell me;how is that GODLY.

  6. I’m a bit surprised that their reasoning for not supporting Hillary does not put more emphasis on her economic policies. Hillary is still not ready to denounce NAFTA. She talks about some exit tax for companies moving overseas, but she doesn’t tell you that would not include companies moving under NAFTA (or TPP). It’s only for companies trying to avoid paying tax by merging with foreign firms. Her economic policies also talks about “revitalizing hardest-hit manufacturing communities”, but with what? Certainly not with the jobs that will still be overseas.
    The biggest bull shit in her plan is to “Invest in America’s manufacturing workforce to ensure that they will always be the best in the world.” This bull shit is based on the myth that American workers are somehow intellectually superior to those in foreign countries, and that would make a difference to companies considering moving overseas. None of that shit going to stop companies moving to Mexico or countries under Obama’s TPP, when they can save so much in labor cost. Too bad Trump’s campaign is mostly filled with illiterate family members who are too dumb to exploit this. I’m guessing his daughter in law is just as dumb as his illiterate wife with her fraud college degree.
    Neither Hillary nor Trump is worth voting for. Folks need to stay home and send the Democrats a message.

  7. I think it’s amazing that they’re thinking outside the box. I have been praying for God to give me a sign that Trump is the right one…l have received that through two different prophecy’s …Donald Trump will NOT bring the Antichrist….that will come via the Roman empire…. and the head of the catholic Church. If you are going to speak it, read enough to understand it! Amen

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