Friday, December 3, 2021

Bobbi Kristina Estate Administrator wants Cissy & Pat Houston Out as Trustees

cissy houston & bobbi kristina brown

*Cissy Houston is making messy news again. This time it involves her late granddaughter’s trust fund.

According to a report filed by Bossip, Bobbi Kristina Brown’s estate administrator, Bedelia Hargrove, has begged a judge to fire her grandmother and her aunt as guardians of her trust fund. Why is that, you may be asking? It’s because they refuse to settle the estate’s $86,000 debts.

The article says Hargrove filed court docs in Fulton County Superior Court last month requesting that Marion “Pat” Houston and Emily “Cissy” Houston be removed from their positions as trustees of Bobbi Kristina’s estate because they won’t approve payouts from Bobbi Kristina’s trust to pay legal bills and the costs of running the estate.

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The administrator said the estate currently had more than $86,000 in debts, and Pat and Cissy’s refusal to pay is running it into the ground. Hargrove asked for a judge to appoint a temporary trustee instead who’ll ensure that Bobbi Kristina’s estate bills get paid.

“Petitioner states that despite her repeated requests that the respondents comply with the mandatory and nondiscretionary terms of the (Bobbi Kristina Brown) trust, the respondents continue to refuse to pay the expense of the administration of the estate,” Hargrove wrote in court docs obtained by Bossip. “The estate is an ongoing entity which cannot function absent the payment of expenses of administration.”

Bobbi Kristina appointed her aunt and grandmother as guardians of her trust, which contained the money she inherited when her mother, Whitney Houston died in 2012. Under the terms of Bobbi Kristina’s trust, the Houstons are responsible for doling out the trust money to pay the estate’s debts and can’t question or second-guess Hargrove’s decisions on what gets paid, Hargrove said. Bobbi Kristina died from drug induced drowning last year after remaining in a coma for several months.

The administrator also asked a judge to block the Houstons from forcing her to hand over the estate’s bills, arguing that the bills were sealed by a court order and the relatives have no right to look at them. The Houstons have asked for an accounting of all of the estate’s expenses, like how much Hargrove and Bobby Brown’s wrongful death suit against Nick Gordon has cost so far.

Like we said, besides her messy battle with Bobby Brown over his recent revelations about Whitney, it’s coming to light that Cissy Houston is involved in more mess concerning Bobbi Kristina.

And would you believe there’s even MORE. Get it all at Bossip.

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