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Steve Harvey: ‘Crazy’ Sister Patterson is His Worst Interview

Steve Harvey

*Last week, reality star Tiffany ‘New York’ Pollard and her mother Sister Patterson were guests on Steve Harvey’s talk show, and Tiffany opened up about the miscarriage she suffered after filming “Family Therapy,” but it was Sister Patterson’s rambling delusions about herself and her daughter that left the talk show host in disbelief.

During the interview, Sister Patterson and Harvey debated over the biblical meaning of the word “perfect.” When Patterson calls herself perfect because the Bible says so, Steve attempts to clear up her misinterpretation of the meaning. Sister insists she is perfect because the blood of Jesus flows through her.

“No, that ain’t what that means,” Steve insists, “What does this one mean here, ’There’s none perfect, no, not one’”? Steve continues to tell Sister Patterson she can’t say that she’s perfect but she’s passionate. “In the eyesight of God, yes, I am perfect. I am born again, saved, sanctified filled with the precious gift of the Holy Ghost.”

The drama heightens when Sister Patterson insists that her “spiritual assessment” of Tiffany confirmed that wasn’t pregnant. Steve dismisses this as “full-blown crazy” and says the entire interview “is the worst segment [he’s] ever had on [his] show.”

Many viewers were left stunned when Sister Patterson laughed at Steve’s assessment that she needs to be committed. Check out clips of the segment below.

You can keep up with Tiffany and Sister Patterson on new episodes of “Family Therapy with Dr. Jenn,” Wednesdays at 8/7c.


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Meanwhile, as Tiffany prepares to welcome her bundle of joy, her “Family Therapy” group surprises her with a baby shower, a sneak peek of the upcoming episode reveals. While everyone celebrates and shares Tiffany’s excitement, Sister Patterson expresses her doubt over the whole pregnancy and dismisses it as being a dream.

Despite the festive scene and being surrounded by gifts, laughter, support, and love, Patterson isn’t buying that Tiffany is pregnant. In a last-ditch effort to understand Sister Patterson’s psyche so the process of repairing their mother/daughter relationship can actually begin, Dr. Jenn calls in Patterson’s brother, Steve, in the hopes that he can shed some light.

Don’t miss the season finale of “Family Therapy” With Dr. Jenn, Wednesday at 8/7c!

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  1. sad, I think she suffers from some form of mental illness or early-Onset Alzheimer’s Disease. I wouldn’t call her crazy, maybe mentally sick….drinking liquor and praying can’t fix you Sis Patterson!!!

  2. It is so hard for me to believe that this is the kind of vomit that people actually find entertaining. And harder still to believe that Steve is scraping the bottom of the barrel. Well…..not really.


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