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Report: Tom Joyner Being Forced Out of Own Radio Show; Russ Parr to Take Over

Tom Joyner attends the 45th NAACP Image Awards presented by TV One at Pasadena Civic Auditorium on February 22, 2014 in Pasadena, California.
Tom Joyner attends the 45th NAACP Image Awards presented by TV One at Pasadena Civic Auditorium on February 22, 2014 in Pasadena, California.

*Tom Joyner, 65, is reportedly being pushed out of his own syndicated radio show to make room for younger talent.

According to a report in the Daily Mail, the radio legend will be forced into early retirement next year so that Radio One – which owns a majority stake in Reach Media’s The Tom Joyner Morning Show – can move its other syndicated host Russ Parr, 56, into Joyner’s chair.

The Tom Joyner Morning Show: (L-R) J. Anthony Brown, Sybil Wilkes and Tom Joyner
The Tom Joyner Morning Show: (L-R) J. Anthony Brown, Sybil Wilkes and Tom Joyner

Also, Joyner’s forced departure is reportedly timed to coincide with the end of Barack Obama’s presidency in 2016. According to the Daily Mail, a “quiet plan” to phase Joyner out took root in 2014 “to lineup with the culmination of the Presidential election and President Obama’s departure from the White House.”

A source explained: “Tom’s show has always been about community activism, education and social justice and he played a major part in helping President Obama get elected. They felt that the end of Obama’s term would be the ideal time for him to also leave.”

Reach Media has responded to Daily Mail Online’s story, saying: “Any stories that suggest major changes to the Tom Joyner Morning Show are inaccurate. Tom Joyner is under contract with Reach Media until the end of 2017. We expect that Reach will continue to syndicate Tom’s show beyond that date and for as long as he would like to be on the air. There has always been refinements and updates to the show as well as market changes due to local conditions and there may be some in the future; but Tom Joyner and the Tom Joyner Morning show continues to be strong and is a daily Party with a Purpose. Reach is committed to Tom Joyner for the long term who remains committed to radio, his audience and the future.”

tom joyner david kantor
Tom Joyner (L) and David Kantor

Ironically, a source told Daily Mail Online that the plan to dump Joyner was masterminded by his best friend and former business associate David Kantor, “the man who actually launched Tom into syndication originally.”

Quick backstory on Kantor:

Joyner launched “The Tom Joyner Morning Show” in 1994 with ABC Radio Networks, where Kantor was an executive. It was Kantor’s idea to launch Joyner into national syndication – and the program quickly became the number one syndicated urban morning show, with more than 15 million listeners daily in over 120 markets at its peak. In 2003, Joyner launched Reach Media with Kantor, who left ABC Radio Networks to run Joyner’s Texas-based media company. In November 2004, Radio One acquired a 53% stake in Reach Media for $56.1 million in cash and stock, which gave the company ownership rights of The Tom Joyner Morning Show and Joyner’s website In 2012, Kantor encouraged Joyner to sell more stakes in Reach Media to Radio One, a source tells the Daily Mail. In December of that year, Radio One increased its stake to 80% and that decision, according to Daily Mail, “was something that Joyner would live to regret.”

Per Daily Mail Online:

While both Tom and David made millions each time a new deal was done with Radio One; Tom had less control of the company he once owned, while David gained more power.

Each year they would make Tom lay off long-term employees and comediennes like Miss Dupree and Myra J. “It killed Tom to just get rid of the people who had been loyal to him from the beginning, but he had no say in the matter,” the source tells Daily Mail Online.

Joyner – whose current radio contract with Radio One ends in December 2016 – actually learned of his friend Kantor’s plan to end his show next year from some radio insiders who tipped him off.

Those who work in his offices in Dallas say that he’s been distraught about it ever since.

“He’s always moping around and looking like his world is coming to an end. It’s like someone turned the light off in his eyes,” the source says. “Behind the scenes he is always sad and will tell anyone who’ll listen: ‘You know they’re getting rid of me right? I should have never listened to David and sold that stake to Radio One.’”

On October 19, Radio One announced that Kantor had been named the new CEO of its radio division. Insiders speculate that it was Kantor’s exit plan for Joyner that helped secure his new top spot.

“Tom feels it’s the ultimate betrayal. It’s a slap in the face. The man he took on family vacations, the man he gifted with a Bentley, the man he trusted with everything, and the man he called friend was selling him out to advance himself. It’s heartbreaking for him,” the source reveals.

Russ Parr
Russ Parr

Radio One plans to move another syndicated host Russ Parr, 56, into Joyner’s time slots in Washington, DC and Baltimore as a replacement test starting in January. Then throughout the rest of next year, Radio One will start transitioning The Russ Parr Morning Show gradually into other major markets, ultimately by the year’s end phasing Joyner out altogether.

“Tom isn’t ready to go and hasn’t even made plans for life after radio. Radio is his passion and it’s all he knows. There’s always a chance of him going to SiriusXM like Howard Stern did, but for now he’s still trying to process his show of 22 years ending,” says the source.

Radio has also been the cause of Joyner’s strained relationship with his sons Oscar and Thomas Jr. By his own admission, Joyner was an absentee father during their early years because of his radio commute between Dallas and Chicago. He then divorced their mom Dora Chatman Joyner in 1996.

The radio business also cost Joyner his second marriage to fitness guru Donna Richardson Joyner, whom he quietly divorced in March 2012 after 12 years of marriage.

Today, Joyner’s morning show airs in 105 markets and reaches eight million listeners daily.



  1. This is daily wheeling and dealing in today’s corporate radio. It’s unfortunate that his loyalty was rewarded with self advancement and greed.The Chair of Radio One, nor his loyal audience of listeners will see Tom forced out of his own show.

  2. If this story is true, the only thing that is being done to Tom is what he did to his loyal employees when “he had no choice”. What goes around, come around.

    • First off Tom Joyner said this is not true,but wouldn’t he be the last to know,,he said to listen and he’ll explain on his next show..

      Wouldn’t reach media deny the story if it was true

      Cathy Hughes, the lady people champion, owns Radio One and TV One,so I’m not surprised if it turns out to be true.She is not what a lot of Black people think she is,sorta like how some of y’all thought Bill Clinton was all that!!!
      But I’m am shocked that Joyner let that so called jew play him like that,all that talk and still falling for the okey doke.They are not your friend,they are loyal to themselves and their causes!!! You have your own and you give it back to them,as Fred Sanford would say, YOU BIG DUMMY

    • Amen to that!! Also I believe that Tom Joyner is a coon and new exactly what he was signing up for but unfortunately for him those millions of dollars that he has been receiving for being a coon, sounded better than keeping his integrity intact. Who buys their friend a damn Bently? A coon black man who is trying to play nice with the white man .There is so much value in keeping your integrity and not selling your soul. Oh Well sucks to be him.

  3. folks just looking out for themselves they aren’t concerned with the customers..

    All about the money and that is terrible

  4. If this is true then I hope and pray that Mr. Joyner takes his business to XM/Sirius radio. Those of us who live in small rural towns don’t get black people news and music so we depend on the internet to get info about the black community. Thanks Tom for being there.

  5. We do not agree with this decision. Kantor should be very careful! What the enemy tries to steal, GOD will protect and return to Tom!

    • God, god god which god would that be Ms. Renee ? the same white jewish god black people have been praying to for 400 plus years ? i have no simpathy for Joiner buying that white jew a bentley then let him talk him into selling majority interess in that company tje jews were instramental in the african slave trade from day one in your christian bible it say jesus walked on water ? no jusus sailed the water being the name of the first jew slave ship coming to america dont get it twisted this coon for obama did it to himself trusting the people who first brought him here into slavery in this AMERIKKK

  6. I will no longer listen yo yhe station and will encoursge friends, family, co-workers snd anyand everybody I know not to listen. Bye Felicia!

  7. I even read that TJ bought Kantor a Bentley. With all the race baiting TJ did I can’t believe he failed to see this paid snake at his side for over 20yrs. U never sell your company. At the end of the day TJ is nothing more than a paid employee being laid off.

  8. SMDH…Yo, Steve Harvey morning show has done a lot for our community. Now Da man trying to fire him! FAM we got Call the radio station!!!

  9. Hope this isn’t true. I listen every morning and truly enjoy the show. I don’t care for Russ Parr’s show. If hes going to take his place I will just turn on some other station.

    • I agree 100% P Toney. Russ is not worthy and not as community active. I will tune out immediately if Tom Joyner is replaced.

  10. If this is true and Tom Joyner is no longer on air. I will not be listing to Russ Par.(not that I listen to Russ anyway) He is a good talent but pales in comparison to Tom Joyner and his history on radio. So if Tom is forced out then I will launch an anti-Russ Par campaign. There is a move to eliminate substantive programming that contributes to positive Black community development.

  11. Can we say Remember Michael Baisden! Former radio personality and host of The Michael Baisden Show Social activism and community leadership and 98.7 KISS FM in New York City number one in the time slot.

  12. Michael Baisden is no Tom Joyner.

    If they let Tom go, I too will not be listening and I will make sure Mr. Kantor and Russ Parr understand why. We just can’t shut them off, we have to let them understand why otherwise we will lose.

  13. I have listened to the TJMS since the beginning and I am highly upset that this is being done to such an inspiring, motivating, influential individual. TALK ABOUT THE ULTIMATE BETRAYAL! ! ! Now that’s what a snake will do. I will not be listening anymore if this is true. I will tell all my friends and make sure they don’t listen either. When our local station took him off and replaced him with Steve Harvey, I was determned to find him somewhere else,. I had to tune in to a station in another state for a while. Then they put an old school station on and put him on there and I was so happy. I even listened to him on my computer from another state as well for a while. I hope he does go to Sirius because I love that. BUT evenyone doesn’t have Sirius and that could be detrmental. Why can’t we leave something that is doing good alone and help stamp out all the other evil in the world. I will say that if he is pushed out, he will have all his loyal supporters if he decides to start his own station again and know not to be fooled again by a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

  14. I love TJ morning show. That’s how I got to work on time and went through the whole day like wiz!!
    I enjoyed the weekend with right back atcha! If TJ leaves I will leave and many others will too. Huh I am retired after 35 years of teaching and still listen to TJ. That’s how I got through most of those years. Love you TJ. Still got yours and Sybil autograph and my picture with you both!

  15. I listen to the TJS out of Charlotte, NC. I live in Greensboro. I will listen not listen to Russ. I don’t think he will have what it takes to replace Tom. Backstabbers and cheaters never win in the long run.

  16. We continue to betray our OWN for a $$$ look at the clergy with Trump. …….swindled n bamboozled,crabs in a Barrel syndrome

  17. Tom just come on back to Texas and enjoy retirement. We can take our bets on Redskins and Cowboys, and you can tease me about my name.and since everyone knows your oldest son name, I can stop calling him “killer”

  18. It’s a move to cut off the vast wealth of knowledge he was bringing to the Black Community. Plus to silence him before the vote. Cathy Hughes bad move and it will backfire.

  19. Hello Mr. J…

    Don’t worry God has something in mind for you. But!!!!Can you please come back to 97.1. That has become a sorry radio station. When you was there I had no problem hearing the station…now all I get is STATIC….#### Mr. J what ever you decide to do it will be a blessing. I still remember the speech you have at St. Paul’s College in son’s graduation…GIVE OUT BEFORE YOU GIVE IN OR GIVE UP. PRAYERS AND BLESSING….

  20. I will not be listening anymore. I was thinking about giving Sirius up but I will be keeping them now.
    Tom, I know you are human, but I really thought you knew how to play the game better. Never give up your rights to something you worked hard to get. When is enough money enough? Really, Tom him a Bentley?
    And what happened to you


  22. I feel for you Tom. Keep speaking up keep sharing your love with our people.
    That was a “BOUGHT LESSON” for you.
    Let’s build our own station(s) and not sell.
    I know the survivors we in radio are. We LOVE what we do and are here to be of service to our communities.
    You can always come do MY SHOW with Me!
    I love you always,
    Mother Love

  23. It’s a huge difference between Tom Joyner and Russ Parr. Tom talks with substance and Russ basically recycles the same opinion and Russ doesn’t do well with deep social topics. Russ is your typical hip hop station, trying to help the community but with no real solutions but in quickly dismiss everything as racism. I would never listen to Russ Parr or Steve Harvey.

  24. I don’t believe this to be true. Tom is a smart business man he understood the share stakes. He is either ready to cut back or retire (he doesn’t even fly or travel as much anymore) and playing the victim to save face when the rest of his crew is kicked to the curb or the story is not true at all. How is T.J. going to fall for the Okey Doke NOPE.

  25. I am located in Buffalo, NY originally from Chicago, IL I worked with the late legendary producer Mr. Carl Davis who came up with Tom Joyner. I knew something was not right because with out any notice at all wblk in Buffalo announced the coming of The Steve Harvey morning show. Tom if you ever read this I got your back 100% it might be hard but you need to start all over you got the listeners and every body love you when I heard you were gone I was crushed there will never be another Tom Joyner love Rob Robinson

  26. This is a problem when you trust and believe in false friends. I will not support this station, nothing against the new host. Loyal listener signing off.

  27. After 1 month…Russ Parr is awful. The music selection is bad. The commentary is bad. The chatter is bad.

  28. I hate the Russ Parr show and cannot get the local AM station clearly at home. I started streaming the broadcast at work and could listen to the earlier hours when the stream started again at 10. However, the streaming now stops at 10 Eastern time and does not repeat. I am so frustrated. I am addicted to hearing Tom and crew. HATE Hate Hate the staff on Russ Parr. Too much talking over each other. A Mess!!

  29. When Tom leaves I leave! He should start his own radio station. Mr. Kantor should be very beware because I can guaranteed there are eyes in the background watching and waiting to do him in as well.

  30. This is a sad day! I was wondering why all of a sudden we are listening to Steve Harvey Morning Show. I should have known something was wrong when J Anthony Brown suddenly left! I hate to say but it just goes to show that white ppl are not to be trusted and I can’t believe Tom Joyner let this back stabber infiltrate his radio show. I will not support this Russ (whoever he is) because supporting him is allowing this back stabbers to make money and I can’t see that!

  31. I am in Cincinnati Ohio I do not like Russ ‘s morning show get Tom Joyner back right now…………….

  32. Was wondering why when I tuned in to 107.7 Russ Parr would be on. His show does nothing for me. No excitement, no sense of belonging. Well, you just lost another listener.

  33. I am shock about no longer being able to list to Tom Joyner show on 104.1. I will no longer list to your station.

  34. I am so disappointed that will no longer be able to hear the T Joyner show as I travel in the mornings to work. The show had my listening ear for 19 years. It made me happy every morning, I would walk into my job laughing and sharing happening on the show with my coworkers.I learned years ago about the people who stab you in the back and wipe the blood up at the same time. I need Tom back, I planning to do the cruise next year also.The station has lost a listener.

  35. I’m no longer a listener to that station. Tom please start your show on SiriusSXM very soon! My long commute back and forward to work is sad because I do not list to the radio anymore.

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