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Karyn White Snubbed! Left Out of Soul Train Awards Babyface Tribute (WATCH)

Karyn White

*As always, the Soul Train Awards has a moment or two to talk about.

And this year was no different as the tribute to Babyface included many of the artists he helped make household names singing the songs that put them on the public radar. From After 7 to Cameo and Tevin Campbell, among others, it was definitely a throwback vibe.

While there was no doubt that Fantasia did her thing on the late ‘80s hit “Superwoman,” folks were left wondering why Karyn White, the song’s originally vocalist, wasn’t the one on stage singing her signature tune.

Apparently, White felt the same way. The 50-year-old entertainer gave the scoop on her no-show on Facebook, saying that she was flooded with phone calls and messages asking if she was OK since she wasn’t in Las Vegas to perform “Superwoman.”

According to White, she “doesn’t know” why never got a call from BET, Centric or Soul Train reps to appear at the Soul Train Awards and perform “Superwoman” for the Babyface tribute, despite the fact that she “made it a hit.”

As for her thoughts on Fantasia’s performance, White had nothing but praise for the “American Idol” winner and the great job she did with her song.

White went to reveal that she’s still active on the music scene and just released a new album while on a new tour .

Watch White address her absence at the Babyface tribute:

#Karyn White address's not performing "Superwoman" at the#2015 Soul Train Awards tribute to #Babyface on #BET

Posted by Karyn White on Monday, November 30, 2015


Watch Fantasia singing “Superwoman”:

Watch Karyn White singing her hit “Superwoman”:



  1. This is totally unforgivable! This sweetheart is still a wonderful vocalist.

    Karyn is not only a fabulous vocalist, she is the one of the kindest persons I have ever met.
    She made “Superwoman” the amazing hit that it is. This is KARYN’S signature song, damn it!

    And she’s not lying, she’s NOT a Diva at all. In fact, she is a very nice woman! Very down to earth, and I have NEVER witnessed her tripping at all (and I’ve been around her, and interacted with her on many occasions).

    Who is the crack addict that decided to omit her from the program? Talk about a butt hole move…

    Bad Experience Television (BET) strikes again…

  2. This may not have anything to do with BET, perhaps it was do not done at Babyface’s request. Maybe it had to do with her ex husband, Terry Lewis. You can’t jump right out there and blame BET. I don’t think BET knew who sang the song and just didn’t invite her.

    Meanwhile, this article reads as if Cameo’s performance had something to do with Babyface. Don’t think he did.


    What are you talking about. Besides, it’s BET’s JOB TO KNOW WHO SANG THE DAMN SONG…

    GTFOH with that BS… I will grant you, there is some politics involved, but BET is notorious for screwing up… I know first hand, because I used to work… Incompetence is rampant within that “operation.”

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