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Author Raqiyah Mays Launches Debut Novel, ‘The Man Curse’



Raqiyah Mays (red jacket)

Author Raqiyah Mays Launches Debut Novel, ‘The Man Curse’

*New York, NY, The highly anticipated debut fiction novel, “The Man Curse,” (Simon & Schuster) by author, journalist, radio personality, and activist Raqiyah Mays is on sale now.

Currently in the midst of a 9-city book reading tour with The Limited, Mays − featured in The Limited’s “New Look of Leadership” Campaign embracing female empowerment and leadership − has already visited four stores in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut.

Her remaining dates take her to The Limited stores in Jersey City, NJ; Yonkers, NY; Long Island, NY; Woodbridge, NJ; and Columbia, SC. Mays blogs and documents each stop on social media with pictorials showing diverse demographics of women gathering to hear an excerpt from “The Man Curse,” followed by style sessions conducted by The Limited with gift card giveaways and store discounts.

“The Man Curse,” is described as “self-help fiction,” discussing generational curses and cycles in the lives of women through the voice of Meena Butler, a professional woman who tries to break The Man Curse that has prevented the women of her family from marrying.

Reaction to “The Man Curse” has been overwhelming:

“I love The Man Curse. So many gems. I related to so much of it, and I think it will resonate with women everywhere. Raqiyah Mays has always had a powerful voice, but now we know that she is also a seriously talented writer.” —Jennifer Schram Maxwell, casting director of The Limited “New Look of Leadership”

 “Funny, poignant, and deeply engaging, “The Man Curse” cuts right to the heart of every longing soul out there. Raqiyah writes with uncompromising honesty, exploring the complexities of relationships—romantic and familial alike. She weaves together a captivating tale that moves with a kind of mysticism. Don’t miss this wonderfully written debut.” —Stacy Gueraseva, author of “Def Jam, Inc.” and founder of

“As women, we need to take The Man Curse seriously. It validates our common journey and makes room for an open and honest dialogue that can lead to healing. Awesome read.” —Jineea Butler, president and founder of Hip Hop Union

simon & schuster, raqiyah mays, the man curse

Simon & Schuster Author Raqiyah Mays Launches Debut Novel, ‘The Man Curse’ Today

Mays has always lived her life out loud.  She uses her various platforms to discuss topics that most are afraid to address.  Her uninhabited style comes across in her new book.  While we know its fiction, the book takes readers on a self-help journey that leaves you no choice but to self-reflect.

About Raqiyah Mays:

With 2015 marking her 20th year in the media business, Raqiyah has written for everyone from Ebony and Essence to The Associated Press & Billboard throughout her career.

A radio personality on New York’s 107.5 WBLS, in 2009, she was featured in VH1’s “Future Leaders of Black History” campaign. Featured in The Limited clothing store’s 2015 nationwide “New Look of Leadership” campaign, she’s been chosen as a female leader for her passionate work as an author, journalist, radio personality, stepmother, and activist.

About The Limited:

Building on its 50 years of leadership in American shopping centers, The Limited is an iconic fashion retailer that offers high-quality, private-label apparel designed to help our clients succeed.

Design-driven, fashionable styles include suiting, sweaters, dresses, denim, outerwear, and accessories—to suit her lifestyle demands, from workday to weekend. A Sun Capital Partners portfolio company, The Limited has  approximately 250 store locations throughout the United States. For more information, please visit: “Like” us on Facebook, or follow us on Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest @TheLimited.





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‘Short Stories: The Autobiography of Columbus Short’ by Columbus Short with Marisa Mendez Available Now



Columbus Shory - short stories

Columbus Shory - short stories

*The life of actor/choreographer/musician Columbus Short has been punctuated with trauma that extends well beyond the plot lines of his previous role on the hit series Scandal.

Short has lived many lives packed into one-from a family filled with turmoil to tumultuous love affairs and enough scandals of his own.

But somewhere in the middle, Short’s realization that there has to be a better way comes into full view. “Short Stories” not only details Columbus Short’s journey from childhood to Hollywood, it shows how even the most checkered of pasts can create a different person with the right amount of will and drive, especially when it comes to fulfilling your true destiny.

“Columbus Short’s biography is a reflective and compelling story of a man consumed with fame quicker than an ego could process. Like myself, his story of resilience and redemption is inspiring to anyone that has hit rock-bottom or been misunderstood, but has the will and desire to become a better person. I have come to know Columbus well over the past couple of years and seeing him as a father, husband, and as a businessman is inspiring to watch. All his experiences—good and bad—have led him to finding the best version of himself. His best is yet to come.” – Mike Tyson

“An engaging account about the way unhealthy entanglements can affect an actor’s life..” – Kirkus Reviews

“Raw and real, funny and self-deprecating. I thought I knew him before, but I know him soooo much better now. After this, he should change his name to Columbus TALL! I Love You, Man.” – DL Hughley

“Watching Columbus’ evolution through defining moments has been inspiring. Watching him embrace all sides of the art—from acting to music to now writing—is something that is pushing me to be better, and I’m proud of him.” – Damon Dash

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Kareem Abdul-Jabbar: ‘Searching For A New Equality’



kareem abdul jabbar1
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

Image via Twitter

*Back in 2016, Former Los Angeles Lakers star Kareem Abdul-Jabbar released his book called “Writings on the Wall: Searching for a New Equality Beyond Black and White,” and in it he writes about reclaiming the political process, starting with children. It’s information that’s still relevant today.

“The U.S. used to have the best schools in the world, and that’s not happening anymore. The grade scores for U.S. students [have] dropped with regard to other countries. We flipped down, and the quality of education here in America is starting to fade a little bit. And we need to do something about that because knowledge is power. And the power that we have in our educational system has made it possible for us to take leadership,” Abdul-Jabbar said on “CBS This Morning.”

The six-time champion has been a social and political activist throughout his 20-year career. He famously boycotted the 1968 Olympics, and supported Muhammad Ali’s decision to refuse induction into the military during the Vietnam War, per

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Kareem Abdul-Jabbar1

“History is very crucial because, as George Santayana said, those who do not understand history are condemned to repeat it. And history is always the best tool to understanding the mistakes we’ve made in the past and avoid them going forward,” Abdul-Jabbar said. “So we need to pay attention to what’s happened here in our country and why and make sure that we don’t retrace those steps because that could be a very tragic misstep for our country.”

Abdul-Jabbar believes he probably would have been a history teacher had he not played professional basketball. He also acknowledged the role of athletes as role models when asked about Ryan Lochte lying about being robbed at the Rio Olympics.

“It’s quite a responsibility because when you get that type of attention, and you have all the eyes on you, young kids are many of the people who are watching you. If you don’t do the right things, you kind of send a bad message to kids, and that’s something we need to avoid,” Abdul-Jabbar said.

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Aaliyah Book Titled ‘Baby Girl: Better Known As Aaliyah’ Dropping in 2021



'Baby Girl: Better Known as Aaliyah' Book
'Baby Girl: Better Known as Aaliyah' Book

Book Cover Provided by Atria Books / Simon & Schuster

*Christmas has come early for Aaliyah fans, as an upcoming book has been announced that will chronicle her life and career. 

According to Billboard, “Baby Girl: Better Known As Aaliyah” will drop Aug. 17, 2021, under Simon & Schuster/Atria Books. 

Written by journalist and author Kathy Iandoli, the title “will focus on the span of Aaliyah’s life and career — from her earliest beginnings singing in Detroit all the way through to her game-changing musical era with Timbaland, Missy Elliott, and the late Static Major,” revealed in a press release. “The book also includes a deep dive into her tumultuously abusive entanglement with R. Kelly and an intense investigation on the crash that ended her life.” 

Says Iandoli: “I wrote this book as an Aaliyah fan. This is for all of us who for the last twenty years can spot her influence everywhere, while wishing she was still here. I left no stone unturned, and I hope I’ve added to her legacy properly.”

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News of the book follows confirmation from Aaliyah’s estate that they are bringing her music to streaming services.

“To our loyal fans: We are excited to announce that communication has commenced between the estate and various record labels about the status of Aaliyah’s music catalogue, as well as its availability on streaming platforms in the near future,” read the announcement from Aaliyah’s Twitter account. “Thank you for your continued love and support. More updates to come!”

Check out the official announcement via the Twitter embed above.

In a 2016 story from Complex on the singer’s uncle, Barry Hankerson, who owns her catalog under his Blackground Records label, writer Stephen Witt said of the absence of Aaliyah’s music on the internet,  “Aaliyah’s internet absence is different—there’s no logic to it. It’s not an artistic statement or a play for more money, and there’s no dedicated Aaliyah-only streaming service in the works.”

Witt continued, “Instead, there’s a single, stubborn man, sitting on a catalog that includes almost all of her most famous work. … The situation puts her entire musical legacy at risk of fading from memory. Year by year, streaming accounts for a greater portion of an artist’s visibility and reverence among the next generation of listeners. And he refuses to budge.”

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