Friday, May 20, 2022

Pastor Shoots Man Dead With Handgun…In Front Of His Congregation


*At Detroit’s City of God church, scripture-based signs painted on the outside of the building declare the house of worship as a place where “Jesus is Lord” and “Straight is the gate.”

However, according to various news reports, the church is also a place where the pastor is a killer, questions have not all been answered yet, and the word of God is clearly not being practiced, even if it’s being preached.

Last Sunday, according to police reports, 25-year-old Deante Smith walked into the City of God church, armed with a brick, and threatened the congregation and the pastor.

The same pastor, 37, pulled out a Glock handgun and shot Smith in the chest 4 or 5 times, from the pulpit and in front of his congregation. Smith was taken to Detroit’s Botsford Hospital and was pronounced dead, police say. He is survived by his wife.

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  1. After the shooting in the churches I’m sure he thought he had more than a brick on him. You don’t go into a public place and threaten ppl if you are sane.

  2. First degree murder are second degree? To shoot someone holding a BRICK, and there are so many people in the church who could have subdued this individual, then why would this so called preacher take upon himself to be the police, judge and executioner, when it’s obvious that this individual, with a BRICK no less, is sick!

  3. Never bring a brick to a gunfight. Dummy. Now he’s a dead dummy. All pastors should be armed. Too bad the pastor of the church where the infant and a woman was shot by a disgruntled husband wasn’t armed. He may have saved a couple of lives. If you want to witness bat s**t crazy first hand, go to church. Any church.

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