Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Ben Carson’s Former Patient: ‘I Regret Ever Having Met Him’

Karly Bailey
Karly Bailey

*A former patient of retired neurosurgeon and GOP presidential candidate Ben Carson has come forward to call him a “liar” who ruined her life when he operated on her brain tumor.

“I regret ever having met him,” Karly Bailey told TheWrap. “I wish I didn’t.”

Bailey was 9 years old when Carson performed surgery on her in 1995. She claimed he went against her family’s wishes by removing her brain tumor in its entirety, despite her parents’ repeated demands that the growth be only partially removed due to its proximity to the brain stem.

Karly Bailey and Dr. Ben Carson
Karly Bailey and Dr. Ben Carson

According to the family, the operation left Karly, now 27, paralyzed on her right side and suffering from vertical nystagmus, which causes severe dizziness.

“I made the worst decision of my life when I agreed to let him operate on my daughter,” her father, John Bailey, told TheWrap.

When Karly finally went back to school after more than seven months of intense rehab, she was so disfigured that she was bullied by fellow students.

“She was called a freak because of her face,” John Bailey said. “She had to learn how to write with her left hand.”

Bailey also alleged that Carson made numerous “misstatements” of medical facts in his sworn affidavit in an attempt to cover up his medical mistakes.

The Baileys first filed a claim against Carson and Johns Hopkins Hospital with the Maryland Healthcare Alternative Dispute Resolution Office in 2009. After much legal wrangling, the case was dismissed this past June; it is currently under appeal.



  1. Question. Would this woman then a girl, be better off without the surgery. Risks and benefits are discussed beforehand. In addition, a documentary on Dr Carson discusses how sometimes this surgery leads to one sided paralysis. Seems the other families accepted the risk. And unfortunately, the disfigurement was worse beforehand.

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