Thursday, September 23, 2021

Tisha Campbell-Martin Opens Up About Being Raped at Age 3 (WATCH)

Tisha-Campbell-Martin*Tisha Campbell-Martin’s past took center stage as she opened up about being raped at the age of 3 and its lingering effect on her as an adult.

In an interview with “The Daily Helpline” in August, Campbell-Martin first revealed that she was a victim of sexual assault at a young age as she revisited that time in her life.

“This is the first time that I’ve admitted this on-camera in front of millions of people. When I was three I was raped… by an older person,” Campbell-Martin admitted. “I knew as a child that I did nothing wrong, and that this wasn’t my fault. I have found forgiveness in the guilt that I might have had.”

Campbell-Martin shed more light on the situation as she voiced how her childhood molestation continued to affect her as an adult when she started breastfeeding her children.

“I knew that I didn’t do anything wrong, but it would affect me in a different way that maybe I didn’t really discuss on The Daily Helpline. It would affect me with breastfeeding my children. I didn’t want to with the first one because I felt like I was going to hurt him. You know, that kind of thing. It’s surprising how things kind of pop up out of nowhere,” the actress shared in a new interview with

“I didn’t know why I felt uncomfortable doing that. I didn’t want to do it, and I felt like it was a lot of pressure for me to do it. Finally, the pediatrician was like, ‘Can you just stop trying? Because the baby can see your angst.’ So I took the pressure off of myself, and it was easier to do it with my second child because I knew what it was then.”

Despite the trauma from the molestation, Campbell-Martin later expressed how she was able to ultimately persevere and move on from what happened.

“I’m never the kind of person who allows things to victimize me, so I figure out what my problem is, and I work on it,” she said.

To see Campbell-Martin’s interview with “The Daily Helpline,” check out the video below:



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