Saturday, August 13, 2022

Upcoming Expose on TMZ Reportedly Has Harvey Levin Spooked

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*The public is about to get the inside scoop on TMZ, courtesy of an upcoming tell-all story from the New Yorker magazine.

The New York Daily News references a Hollywood Reporter story, which reveals The New Yorker’s intent to publish Nicholas Schmidle’s exposé on the tabloid site. The Reporter mentions the exposé, which Schmidle has been working on for more than a year, will give readers a look at the “unorthodox reporting tactics of the Warner Brothers-owned TMZ and its founder.”

The story looks to be strong enough that it has struck a nerve with TMZ chief Harvey Levin, who the publication reports is not about it. So much so that sources tell the Reporter that the former attorney has warned staffers not to speak with Schmidle, who is noted for his 2013 National Magazine Award nomination for “Getting Bin Laden,” an article he wrote about the hunt for Osama bin Laden.

News of Schmidle’s exposé comes amid a history of breaking infamous stories for TMZ, which debuted in 2005. Stories that were broken on the site include the elevator incident involving Solange Knowles, Beyoncé and Jay Z, Michael Jackson’s death and the audio of former L.A. Clippers owner Donald Sterling’s racist rant to V. Stiviano.

With Levin having “deep roots in the L.A. legal community,” the Daily News notes that TMZ’s knack for being the first to obtain documents has fueled speculation he pays a lot of money to keep the traffic coming to the site high.

Sources go on to tell the Reporter that Schmidle’s reporting in his exposé is “aggressive,” and that another warning Levin issued to TMZ staff stated that the story probably won’t be a light read.

We can hardly wait!



  1. Two people I can’t wait for their s**t to hit the fan, Wendy Williams & this guy. People who are so anxious to crawl through others garbage, usually have the most to hide.

  2. It’s because of this fool, journalism as tanked and promoted to the level of invading and humiliating people at any cost. I don’t even watch that stupid show that he has. He’s part of the reason the Kardhasians or whatever they are, keep themselves ‘relevant’.

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