Monday, September 26, 2022

Long Beach (CA) School Board Approves Motion to Drop Robert E. Lee Name From School

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*Los Angeles Urban Policy Roundtable President Earl Ofari Hutchinson on Monday, July 20, hailed the decision by the Long Beach California Unified School Board to approve a motion to Rename the Robert E. Lee Elementary School in Long Beach, the Jenny Oropeza Elementary School. Ms. Oropeza was a highly respected and influential Latina elected official and community activist in Long Beach.

The Los Angeles Urban Policy Roundtable spearheaded the national drive to drop the Confederate general’s name from the school. The campaign by the Los Angeles Urban Policy Roundtable prompted a bi-partisan sponsored bill in the California Legislature to remove all Confederate related names from public institutions in the state by 2017.

“Nearly 80 school districts nationally carry the name of Confederate general Robert E. Lee, a traitor to the U.S. Constitution, and who was a pivotal battlefield figure in the fight to uphold slavery. Many of the schools that bear his name are attended by a majority of students of color.. The Long Beach School Board’s decision is historic and serves as a model for other public institutions nationally that memorialize traitorous pro-slavery advocates with names on schools to take similar action,” says Hutchinson,” It also sends the strong message that names on public schools and other public places that are paid for with taxpayer dollars must reflect those who are dedicated to and uphold the highest ideals of freedom, justice and civil rights for all.”

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Earl Ofari Hutchinson



source:  Los Angeles Urban Policy Roundtable



  1. These dumb asses are probably happy and see this as a win. If Latinos, or Jews were fighting to have the name changed the choice of names would have stayed in that particular race. They said we’ll change the name, but guess what… Black folks take anything and consider it a win. This organization has run its course.

  2. This country is a joke. Robert E Lee was not a traitor. Not even the news knows what they are talking about. Do your research and find out what Lee really stood up for and why the Civil War started. Slavery was such a small part of what he supported. The north didn’t care about freeing the slaves until they were beginning to lose the war and needed troops. This is a joke and how shocking that it was approved when you see that a lead figure in making the decision was….wait for it….a black man! Boy that whole argument sure had a chance of being rejected by him right? Now its named after someone who isn’t a historical figure and who 90% of people don’t even know and will never know because they don’t care. What a joke! Now I understand why the world laughs at America

  3. This dumbass board of liberals renamed that school. The district has schools named for George Washington (slave owner) Mark Twain (Nigger Jim) James Madison (primary writer of US Constitution) and we know how dumbass liberals hate that document Thomas Jefferson (slave owner) The Dooleys (refused to provide homosexual employees ‘spouses’ with healthcare insurance etc etc etc
    Better call another special meeting dumbasses (and collect that stipend)

    I suggest you either:
    (A) drop all school names and number the schools (remember some people might be sensitive to some numbers 13,69 etc)
    (B) drop all school names and just name them all King Barack Obama School

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