Friday, October 22, 2021

Once Gay Donnie McClurkin Rails Against Same-Sex Marriage Ruling


*It should come as no surprise that Donnie McClurkin is not to thrilled with the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS).

The gospel singer and minister took to Facebook on Friday shortly after the high court’s landmark decision which legalized same-sex marriage across the united States.

McClurkin, who claims to have been converted from his once gay life is not down with the new ruling.

“GOD has set the only standard for marriage to be between man and woman…in biology, in physiology, in history, biblically & scripturally and that .. I will NEVER speak against!” – read his Facebook post.

He went on to quote scripture from Romans 3:3,4, which reads:

“What then? If some did not believe, does their unbelief nullify the faithfulness of God? Absolutely not! Let God be true, and every human being shown up as a liar, just as it is written: ‘so that you will be justified in your words and will prevail when you are judged.’”

Finally, he added:

“We are at the end and the church has to arise now and STAND in evangelism with the TRUE GOSPEL or BOW it’s knee to this new society and counterfeit gospel. Which will it be?”



  1. I’ll never understand how some black people can embrace a book that was used for hundreds of years to justify keeping our ancestors in chains.

  2. Why do I have the feeling that you never really converted back to being straight and that you use this anti gay attitude as a cover up. Face it Donnie, you are gay so stop being two-face and learn to live with it. We aren’t going to think any less of you, but we will think your an idiot if you don’t live the truth.

    • Yes, never mind that the long-time leaders of the largest and oldest ex-gay ministries admitted 2 years ago that nobody changed from homosexual to heterosexual all these decades when they were selling the ex-gay scam. And never mind that the only “ex-gays” left have a financial stake in maintaining the ex-gay claim. And never mind the many sightings of Donnie at intimate dinners with a gay man that just happened to look like a date again and again.

  3. I am godless however I do believe the bible is a good moral compass in and of itself . With that said the bible states a marriage is between a man and a woman. now that same sex can marry where do we stop ? I love two women they love me and each other we all want married why not ? I love my dog even more I want to marry my dog and claim her as a dependent and health bennies too damn it its just not fair lol

  4. You cannot convert anyone sexuality … they can hide it and go deeper down low… but they can’t convert . God made everybody… Adam and Eve and John and Steve. Everybody get their heads between somebody’s legs ….Eating shell fish and talking about the neighbors!! Not many virgins at the altar of matrimony either! There is a whole a lot of Bible thumping Betty’s. Save yourselves you were not God …

  5. This man’s self-hatred shouts from the mountain tops. Accept it Donnie, you’re a simply a gay man living on the down-low.

  6. Merely more reflection of the hypocrisy in the Christian church, “from” “HYPOCRITES IN”, the Christian church!!! And while I BET this lyin sissy opportunist STILL supports “Eddie Long-stroke”! DaFOH!/SMH! Ps….& see how these “thieves in the temple” have NO fkn prollum stealin from their congregation EVERY fkn Sunday!!!, being a damn…. “mockery OF” our cultures foundation”!!!, consistently omitting preaching/directing Us toward ANY kiiiiiiiiiiiind of self reliance or independence from the systemic monster We all are attacked by, ‘on the REGular!!!, OR the rampant racism preying ‘on ALL of “Us”!!!! But surrrrrrrre you can “step out, step up & be “soooooo vocal”, against WTF you “saaaaaaaay” you “USE to be”! (Side eye stare!) But as they always say……only the one that gets HIT by that rock, yells the loudest. “BOOM”! Hashtag….”Ex” my ass”!

  7. He is right! God made man and women…not man and man… you all should read the book of Genesis and the story of Sodom and Gomorrah! Im not gonna preach and Im hardly the greatest Christian as u know from my previous posts……however.. I agree with DonnieMcClurkin.. and although he was abused and lived that life style.. he repent.. prayed ..and fast.. for his salvation .. and now he is free from that madness! All you that think its cute.. need Jesus ASAP!!

  8. I’m at a lost here… If you’re not gay when why does it bother? Unless you believe that being gay is contagious – something that can spread like a bad cold – then I can understand just a little bit: no matter how foolish that sounds. Donnie is being who he is, how he was raised to believe as with the rest of us. I won’t knock him for his belief. I can’t support him either. I just think it’s interesting how soon we forget (for those of us who are black) that we’re STILL to this day unpacking all the pain, years of torment, thousands of lost live and dense residual affects of 400 years of slavery. Our black men are being gun down by the police and our daughters are being raped daily. The educational school system sucks, people are hungry, there no jobs for those who haven’t want to college, HIV continues to kill our black women – and we’ve got time to waste persecute and condemn the gays? Complete foolishness!

    • Yo mayn…’s that MAJor tenant OF God’s word….”judgement/vengeance is mine” sayeth “THE LORD” (not the IGnant bigot in their mirror, that ALways stares back at them, when “THEY’re” standing in FRONT of the B!!!) it’s “THAT” mofo (along with a few others!) that consistently trips up & REVEALS these fake ass “ChrrrrrrISTiiiiiiiians”, for the idiot ditto heads/”group think followers”, every fkn “bible study”. Wah waaaaah!/SMH! And so….again!, they favor “MASSA”!!!, over the…..Messiah. “BOOM”!

  9. Wow.. mrunapologetic.. apparently you have all the time for writing… and if that’s the case.. u shouldn’t have time to even be on EURweb.. with all the travesties in the world! And yes.. all hell is breakin loose……and u they just added gay marriage to the long list of craziness! God Bless ya! Now go on back to solving those problems.. with the lil time u have left!

    • C, I don’t know you… And I don’t in argue with people I don’t know. I’m just keeping it real like I see it. So, if you think Gay marriage is one of your biggest worries – a threat to your well being and all that you believe you then go forth in the thought-process. Have at it. It’s your life.

  10. Yo…..”God” made everythang & everyONE!! And….there is no “APPRAISAL” of sin, ALL SIN “IS” SIN”!, & that includes “YO” GD sin!!! And?…”God” makes NO mistakes!!!! KNOW “this”, ahiiiiiiiight!!!! And so….if “you” look at Gays as sinners?, then put YO ass in that saaaame daaaayum “line”! And apply a lil objectivity and see that……maaaaaaybe these consistent contradictions IN the bible, are NOT “God’s” word, but a product of….”MAN’s” desire!!!! “MAN’s way of corrupting the bible to suit “HIS OWN” best interests, instead of GOD’s.!!! (Holing my “bingo card” up high as HELL, right about “now”!/Wink!) You know?, liiiiiiiike how/when the “KKK” uuuuuuuse the biiiiiiiiblllllle to justify “THEIR” shyt!??? Or… those racist mofo’s in Kacky Lacky are “DEFENDING” that flag”??!!, even though they knoooooow it stood/stands for ….hate??!! Yeah….”shyt like dat”. (Side eye stare!) And so….JUST as those racist of old AND modern day hypocrites jump ‘on the bandwagon they THINK is “rolling ‘on smoother ground”?, THIS “sanctified sissy” (& damn near EVERY “mega church pastor”!!) is simply “coonin fuh duh laaaaaawd”, instead of “talkin AND “WALKIN”!!, God’s word. And?…ask yourselves this TOO!!?,…..WTF were these Black ass critics (& others!)”balls to speak/act out against the unrighteousness of mankind”, as it pertains to ….all these killings, & all this RACISM against this POTUS AND their OWN ppl!!!??!!! NO fkn where, “that’s” where!! See…most have not a GD thang to say, nor have organized ONE fkn voter registration drive in their churches OR communities, to “chaaaaaaange” a GD thang!!!! Naaaaaw, yall juss keep’on stressin the “tyyyyyyythin” (keepin yo ppl POE”!!!), & don’t you dare ignite ANY….”insight” or action, that would “BENEFIT” yo ppl! (Insert “pat ‘on duh head” here!/side eye stare!) Hashtag?…..”stay ‘on MY tit, don’t go “buy yo own milk”! “BOOM”! So you see?, when the smoke clears?, it’s all about “servin dey “massa”!!!, INSTEAD OF…..God. Yo….ignorance may be bliss?, but oooooooh SO fkn dangerous!!! And so?…”now yuh “know”. “Chuuuuuuch”! (Pun intended!)

  11. It’s the law of the land ppl get over it.
    I don’t see where there’s a threat to heterosexual marriages..if you’re not LGBT what is your concern? Are you afraid of LGBT ppl who are allowed to marry legally? Who are extended the same rights and benefits as any heterosexual married couples, are you afraid of this legal known facto?

    For me, America is unlike any other nation known in world history..known for freedoms, innovations and acceptance. ..If you have a problem with this?..then maybe this is not the nation for you and yours. .relocate to a nation that allows you no freedom of expression or the pursuit to seek your own livelihood to happiness.

    Not one of us have a hell or heaven..where we have the authority to send anyone.

    GOD IS LOVE. It’s not who we love. .but how we love.

    Biblically speaking. .the laws of Moses old testament. .were fulfilled when y’hura walked the earth the last three years of his life. Y’HURA DIDN’T CONDEMN ANYONE BUT THE CHURCH FOR THEIR hypocrisy as church priests, leading the ppl to untruths (basically on a power trip as priests ) ..the hebrews needed these laws applied given their freedom at hand at the beginning of their freedom from the Egyptians.

    The new testament biblical. ..speaks to the reverence , accepting y’hura as the Messiah’s blood shed..similar and noted in the old testament; a lamb’s blood shed by death offered as a sacrifice for the ppl’s sins against if you are a believer of the Judea-Christian belief. .Y’HURA is that lamb whose blood was shed as a sacrifice to cover all human sin .which is the fulfillment of the prophecy and law.. thing for certain I believe is this, there’s only one LIVING GOD.. who’s son was a sacrifice..and now known as a living sacrifice for all humankind..covering a multitude of sin..

    • Leviticus. 18:22 Thou shalt not lie with mankind, as with womankind: it is abomination. Lev 20:13 If a man also lie with mankind, as he lieth with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination:; they shall surely be put to death ; their blood shall be upon them. like your boy said Boom.

      • Leviticus ? You are joking aren’t you. If you are going to follow Leviticus to the letter remember that Leviticus also says it’s okay to own slaves.

        • Don’t go there who ever you is ,trying to turn it around to make it fit the way you want. The devil is a lie and the father of lies, get behind the Satan.

          • I’m not trying to turn it around to make it fit the way I want it. I’m quoting Leviticus JUST LIKE YOU DID!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If the bible is the literal word of God – in Leviticus he says slavery is ok. You went there and I brought it full circle. White people used Leviticus to justify owning slaves, and you’re using it to vilify a group of people because of their sexual orientation. There’s something seriously wrong with this picture.

        • He or she doesn’t have an intelligent answer to that so he/she just went with Slavery is wrong homo is wrong. What an idiot.

      • I hope you don’t eat shellfish have oral sex. and I hope your little kitty was tight as pig skin on your wedding night. So many hypocrites…, passing judgem…, and sinning all the time. My priest preaches from the same book…

  12. Miss Thing Donnie McClurkin, sit down, your side lost, get over it and get a man.Then you’ll really sing.


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