Friday, May 20, 2022

Diddy’s Son Thanks His Fighting Dad; UCLA Coach Returns to the Field After Incident

Sean-Diddy-Combs*Sean “Diddy” Combs may be catching flak for attacking a UCLA coach with a kettle ball, but the entertainment mogul’s son is thankful for his fighting dad.

According to TMZ Sports, Justin Combs broke his silence regarding the incident and Diddy’s arrest via a picture he posted of himself and his famous father with the following caption:

“I thank God for having a father that’s always there for me.. Love you pops!”

Justin’s thanks comes after Diddy was arrested for confronting the UCLA athlete’s strength and conditioning coach, Sal Alosi after Alosi called Justin out, saying, “I don’t care if your dad’s here. I’m going to treat you just like I treat everyone else.”

Sources tell TMZ Sports that Alosi told Justin to leave and NOT come back for the rest of the summer.

From the looks of it, this was the point that that Diddy ended up going off on Alosi, the site reports, adding that Alosi has since returned to practice with the football team on Monday (June 22).

diddy & justin

Chatting with TMZ Sports, eyewitnesses revealed that Alosi supervised while players ran sprints and stretched. The players looked to be receptive to Alosi as they ended up doing what they usually do at workout sessions, which was huddle around Alosi at one point during the practice.

Appearing at the practice, Alosi had no visible injuries, TMZ reports, adding that it was unclear if Justin Combs was at the athletic facility. Alosi’s return comes one day after Diddy allegedly attacked him.

Speaking of Diddy, things may have taken a turn for the worse regarding his field clout. Media sources report that the entertainer’s attack on Alosi may have cost him as word comes down that he will be stripped of his field credentials. In light of it being labeled a terrorist threat, there is no word on if police will drop the case against Diddy.

Now that we’ve seen what happens when you cross Diddy, here’s a word about what happens when you get on his good side.

Apparently ESPN host Colin Cowherd knows this firsthand as his on-air praise of Justin scored him a huge gift basket of Ciroc Vodka. Although Cowherd admitted to TMZ Sports that he never set out to get awarded free stuff from Diddy for praising Justin for making the UCLA football team a few years back, he ultimately ended up with the free stuff two days after.

To see Cowherd’s interview with TMZ Sports, click here:



  1. I knew Justin would appreciate it.. Puffy is a rider for his! No matter what!!! And I aint mad at him!!!!

  2. Still waiting on the video. If they going to arrest this man and strip him of his field credentials, let’s see what he actually did to deserve that.

    Oh, he didn’t actually do anything but assumed a defensive posture? And made so called “terrorist” threats.

    So who’s the bad guy here?
    The guy who tripped a player while running at full speed and tried to punish a college player because his dad had the “audacity” to intervene on his behalf?
    Or the concerned dad?

  3. I feel Diddy, son, was singled out. There was no need for the coach, to make a statement like that. I would have interceded too, if it where my son or Grandson. That’s human nature to protect your child. The coach has personal issues anyway. I believe he has a thing for Diddy and his Son, its called”Deep Pockets “. Maybe the coach should get another occupation seeing he is that insecure about another man making and having more money than he does. Coach get over it, its a new day, all black men aren’t thugs. There are a lot these days, making it the right way. Don’t hate, appreciate.

  4. I’m not going to jump to conclusions too quickly. We gotta be careful jumping to our kids defense too quickly. Doesn’t sound like coach jumped too far outta bounds, gotta let young handle his B I and deal with a prickly coach. Life will bring him tougher criticism being the son of a worldwide hip hop icon. They can’t fight everyone who brings drama. Could be an opportunity missed on a teachable moment.

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