Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Soledad O’Brien: Stop Calling Baltimore Protesters ‘Thugs’ (Watch)

soledad o'brien cnn thugs

*Former CNN host Soledad O’Brien, a guest on her old network’s “Reliable Sources” on Sunday morning, said journalists should not refer to Baltimore protests as “thugs,” no matter how violent, because the word lacked descriptive properties and functioned solely as racial code.

“For journalists to have a debate back and forth about thugs or thuggery is naive and misplaced,” O’Brien said. “Journalists should strive to use words to describe accurately what’s happening.”

A semantic debate erupted on CNN earlier this week when Baltimore City Council Member Carl Stokes objected to host Erin Burnett’s use of the word, telling her to drop the charade and just say “nigger.” Stokes continued to draw out the racial implications of the word with numerous CNN hosts.

Guest-host Frank Sesno asked O’Brien if the peaceful protesters would object to the word being used to describe those who just showed up to throw rocks and loot CVSs.

“I think there’s violent protesters, there’s drunk protesters, angry protesters,” she said. “When you look specifically about how the word riot is used, how the word thug is used, it’s always used around people of color, specifically in an inner city context…Journalists should think about a word that actually doesn’t have a lot of nuance and isn’t specific, but somehow seems to be used a lot when talking about African-Americans.”

Watch below:



  1. I’ve been using that word for years, and only recently, when we began attaching a racial connotation to it, (after being called a thug became a badge of honor, thanks to Tupac and other crappers adapting it) has it became synonymous with the word nigger. Which is so stupid. So what next? What will be the next word that negroes can call themselves, but is off limits to the rest of the universe? Why are what we say being dictated by the whims of one group of people who seem to take offense at every damned thing that happens these days? Can we please stop this madness? Why are we letting the lunatics run the asylum? And I don’t give a rat’s ass what anyone says, what I saw running through the mall with armloads of stolen merchandise were not demonstrators. They were THUGS.

  2. Lawless President Obama Chides Baltimore “Criminals And Thugs,” Ignores Savagery Of Baltimore Police

    “Freddie Gray made eye contact with a Baltimore cop. He ran like a rabbit so cops chased him like hounds and did what hounds do when they catch a rabbit. They snapped his spine. But the elemental savagery of everyday policing in Baltimore and a hundred other cities is not a fit topic for presidential commentary. The only “criminals” and “thugs” the first black president and for that matter corporate news can see are the citizens in the streets protesting police murder and impunity.”

    A Black Agenda Radio Commentary by BAR managing editor Bruce A. Dixon

  3. (So aaaaaanyway (never minding the two attention white racist BIGots above!) See….”this” is the very objectivity that got SO released from CNN?, but is DESperately needed in broadcast journalism!!! Good to see she still has her ….” balls & are NOT “playing” WITH them!! BIG ups!!

    • So does our resident delusional mental outpatient also believe that the editor at Black Agenda Report is white?!

      Now this is exactly the type a shit why you are viewed on this site as someone who is not dealing from a full deck.
      It’s one thing to continually make an ass of yourself by calling me a white racist, despite not being able to back up your claim from any of the hundreds of posts I have on this site, but come on man, you that fucked up that you believe the editor of Black Agenda Report is white.

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        • “It ain’t about pigment as much as it’s about….”heart/culture/fairness/integrity” etc…!”

          So you seriously believe that Black Agenda Report is not down with the cause?

          Everybody knows them the realest mofukas on the internet.

          Dude, take it from me. You need professional help.

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