Thursday, December 2, 2021

B.B. King Tells Fans He’s in Hospice Care at Home

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*It’s never a good thing to hear that someone is in hospice care. The reality is that the word/phrase is almost always associated with the final days of life.

Unfortunately that’s the word that blues legend B.B. King himself is using to refer to his current medical situation .

On Friday, the 89-year-old musician posted thank yous to fans on his official website for well-wishes and prayers.

According to CNN, on Thursday, officer Jesse Roybal of the Las Vegas Police Dept. Office said an ambulance was summoned to King’s address and he was hospitalized following what was characterized as a dispute over medical care.

On Friday we reported that King’s daughter believes he is being abused … and called police on Thursday to settle a dispute over whether he needed to be hospitalized.

Via TMZ we learned that there’s a huge battle over B.B.’s care — between his daughter Patty King and his longtime manager Laverne Toney. Patty, who lives with her father in Las Vegas … tells us she wanted to take him to the hospital because his urine was orange and he wasn’t eating.

She claims Toney — who has power of attorney over B.B. — refused, so Patty called police. Responding officers called in paramedics, who agreed B.B. needed to be checked out by doctors.

The hospitalization was the second in a month for King, who was diagnosed with diabetes decades ago.



  1. What hurts me the most is Mr. King has no ldea the number of people who loved him as a person & as someone who could bring joy & happines in this ugly world. He will be so missed because NO ONE will ever be as he was. I wish i could of looked in to his eyes & shook his hand. I’m sorry. ” THE NITE LIFE AIN’T NO GOOD LIFE BUT IT’S MY LIFE”. God bless you Mr. King

  2. Praying for you Mr. King and family, you have given us so much joy during good times and bad. As a child growing up, I would get great joy watching my parents and family members and friends, dance to your music especially on Friday nights of their fish Fry’s. I never will forget the experience I had when I truly saw you in person at my parents home, and found out the great friendship, you truly had with them. I will never forget that . I will truly be lifting you up Mr. R.King, there are just no words to truly say, during this time. Expect that God, has the last word. God bless you

  3. Hang in with us a little longer B.B. It’s so hard to think about losing a great such as yourself, especially when we think about what is left after our real musicians leave us. I know no one lives forever and that dying is only a part of living, but the thought of losing Mr. King is a heartbreaker. All my prayers Mr. King, for you and your family. You are dearly loved.


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