Friday, September 30, 2022

Baltimore Protesters Disrupt Geraldo Rivera’s Live Report and Trash Fox News (Watch)

Md State Senator Catherine P. Hugh (L) is interviewed by Fox News reporter Geraldo Rivera in Baltimore (April 28, 2015)
Md State Senator Catherine E. Pugh (L) is interviewed by Fox News reporter Geraldo Rivera in Baltimore (April 28, 2015)

*Geraldo Rivera should’ve known better.

The Fox News reporter on Tuesday found himself in the middle of an angry crowd of peaceful protesters in Baltimore who refused to let him report live for “Hannity” without voicing their opinions on his coverage and his network as a whole.

“We don’t want you here! We don’t need your false coverage!” one man shouted as Rivera attempted to interview Maryland State Senator, Catherine E. Pugh. The man deliberately blocked Rivera’s camera shot, causing him to bark, “Cmon, get out of the way man!”

baltimore protests geraldo rivera2

The man put his finger in Geraldo’s face and yelled, “Don’t touch me!”

“Well stop blocking the camera!” Geraldo responded. This is when Sen. Pugh eased herself between the two to calm them down.

Another woman interrupted Geraldo’s interview with Pugh by repeatedly accusing him of “making money from black people’s pain.”

“Stop making money exploiting black people, Geraldo! Fox News is making money off exploiting black people! Stop making money off black pain,” she said.

Referring to Sen. Pugh, he added that he wanted to “Get her away from these vandals here.”

But Pugh shared an emotional hug with a protester who was wielding a bottle, and angrily told Rivera that demonstrators were not looking for trouble.

Watch below:



  1. It’s a sad day in America but what needs to be said is going to be painful the law was not acting as the law would normally act, but we are expecting them too, if my daddy ever found out I was stealing or burning or looting you can better believe I would be standing up for a few days not to mention what he would have done had he witnessed me doing it in real time, there has to be a realization of accountability, every act, every word, every movement, is going to one day have to be accounted for

  2. Geraldo is an ass hole – period…

    The protester was right. Fox makes big money demonizing black people, and Jerry Rivers (“Geraldo Rivera”) is an instigator provocateur – not a journalist.

    That silly bastard actually thought he was going to set up camp in my Maryland, and not be harassed after all of the BS rhetoric he’s espoused regarding black people over the years? GTFOH, stupid jerk.

  3. Hey…..who says B-more doesn’t know better OR what to do to a BS asshole FILLED bucket of shyt, like the “Murdock crew”@ …..FOXNEWS! Bravo B-town….braVO!!!!! Ps…..the shoudda threw a damn “hoody” over that hypocrite bytch Rivera’s head, “mistook HIS ass” for a “thug”, &….gave HIS ass the “Zimmerman” treatment!!! Wink! Yep…I saaaaaid IT! HOLla!

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