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‘RHOA’ Finale: NeNe’s Broadway Debut, Kenya’s Sitcom Screening & More

real-housewives-of-atlanta-season-7*From NeNe Leakes receiving no support with her Broadway debut from her fellow housewives to Kenya Moore venturing into sitcom territory to Phaedra Parks making excuses for not visiting her husband Apollo Nida in jail, there was more than enough to talk about regarding the season seven finale of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta.”

Despite the no-show from the rest of the housewives, NeNe lived in the moment of her first time on Broadway with “Cinderella.”

“Me being on Broadway, I’m the real Cinderella,” she said while signing autographs and taking selfies after her performance. And while she didn’t fly out to New York to see NeNe’s moment, Phaedra did manage to shoot out a text to NeNe, for what its worth. After all, she is the only person on the “RHOA” cast that is on good terms with NeNe.

As for where everyone was, the answer is at a Kenya’s screening for her sitcom pilot “Life Twirls On.” To mark the occasion, Kenya went all in with a wedding theme that included harpists, dancers, rice, special drinks and the star of the show showing up in a wedding dress.

“Is there an African prince somewhere?” Cynthia quipped.

“It’s my character’s wedding day!” Kenya responded.

The reaction to Kenya showing her comedic side was well-received, with a bra-less Claudia Jordan saying, “I like Kenya poking fun at herself.”

“I think Kenya did a good job. Who knew Kenya could write something funny about herself,” Kandi Burrus mentioned as Phaedra simply enjoyed the fact that there was a rare night without drama.

“Thank god for a drama free night,” she said.

Speaking of Phaedra, she’s still making excuses for not taking herself or the kids to see Apollo , who ended up calling Peter from the prison he’s at in Lexington.

“I’m holding for the most part. I haven’t seen my children but I’m holding up,” said Apollo, who has been visited four times in six weeks by his brother.

As it stands now, Apollo is trying to get transferred to a prison closer to Atlanta.

“You have to be strong,” Peter said.

So what excuse is Phaedra using to defend not making an effort to see Apollo?

“He is at a place that doesn’t have a nursery,” she said. “Whether I take him [her oldest son Ayden] or not, someone is going to be unhappy. Ayden may resent me for bringing him or not bringing him. It’s a no-win situation.”

It’s easy to assume that Phaedra’s actions are justifying the divorce rumors going around about her and Apollo. But as it turned out, she kept quiet on that and any visits to the prison. Stay tuned for the official word.

In the meanwhile, don’t expect Phaedra to hold a candle out for getting back with Apollo.

“I’m moving on with my life and my so

In other developments, Cynthia’s husband Peter Thomas gears up for a move to Old Forth Ward by shutting down Grant Park Bar One. For him, it came down to him feeling that he wasn’t treated well by the neighborhood. As a result, he ended up badmouthing everyone one there as he walked out the door.

The kicker with the finale came from Mama Joyce, who apologized to Todd for talking bad about him and (now late) mother.

“If I said something to offend you or your mother, I am sorry,” Mama Joyce said in a way that implied that she didn’t think her comments were offensive.

From there came an excuse as Mama Joyce said the following:

“And anything I’ve said against your mother, it was something someone told me. It was nothing I had ever made up. My biggest problem was repeating someone had told me. You should not do that. Because I’m a better person than that.”

What an apology, ha? It’s nice to know that it went over so well with Todd, who didn’t seem to think the apology as a whole was sincere.

So with all that, it may be surprising that Demetria McKinney’s presence was not felt at all in the finale, despite her being with the other housewives at the Kenya’s party. Anyone willing to take bets on whether she’ll be around for season 8?

So with all this, look out for the reunion show that will air next week and feature NeNe breaking down, Kandi showing off cleavage and Kandi and NeNe getting into it, among other things.

From the looks of everything, the season 7 finale was OK but not spectacular. According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, which referenced overnight ratings, the Live+3 (DVR usage) ratings drew 3.2 million and 1.5-18-49. Average overnight viewership is about 3 million, compared to 3.7 million a year ago.

To see the “RHOA” season seven finale, check out the video below:



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