Saturday, August 13, 2022

DWTS: Michael Sam’s Final Dance Stirred by Dad’s Rejection (Watch)


*Michael Sam was eliminated from “Dancing With the Stars” on Monday following an emotional dance that turned out to be his most well-received.

The theme was “my most memorable year,” and Sam chose 2014, the year he came out as gay, and the year he and his father stopped speaking for the second time in their tumultuous relationship.

Sam’s dance, a rumba performed with Peta Murgatroyd to “I’m Not My Father’s Son,” received a 30 out of 40. However, judge Bruno Tonioli praised Sam, 25, for his “guts”: “Your voice is very important, and I guarantee you, it’s helped a lot of people.” Carrie Ann Inaba echoed the sentiment, telling Sam, “Dance is so much more than movement.”

“I don’t want my grandkids raised in that kind of environment,” Michael Sam Sr. was quoted as saying in a New York Times profile of the football player after he came out as gay. “I’m old-school,” he added. “I’m a man-and-a-woman kind of guy.”

Sam Sr. had once abandoned the family, according to his son, but on “DWTS,” the football player revealed that he was the one to cut off communication this time following his father’s reaction to the news. “You lost a son again,” he told his father, adding that he hadn’t talked to him since.

Following the release of the NYT profile, Sam Sr. insisted that he had been “terribly misquoted. … My son did the right thing, and I am not against him at all,” he told Galveston County’s Daily News. “He has made a great statement in coming out. … I love him unconditionally,” he said, adding, “Once [Sam] gets on the field and hits [someone] once, they won’t think he’s gay.”

However, the Times responded to Sam Sr.’s claims, according to NBC Sports, insisting that they quoted Sam Sr. “accurately and fairly.”

Murky familial circumstances aside, Sam told Access Hollywood following his elimination, “I thought my last dance was my best dance, and I would like to leave on my best dance instead of my horrible dance.”

Watch below:



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    • Oh please take several seats with that old crap! You don’t know anyone who has posted here, or what their contribution has been, so stop with the name calling. You sound like a fool!
      Why does someone have to be a looser simply because they voice their opinion, just as you have. Sit down!

      • Thanks, Winfred gets so emotional when sexuality is involved and goes straight to calling others out of their names. Winfred can’t tell us anything of value Sam has contributed, but wants us to feel that because Sam slobbered his boyfriend down on television, he’s a hero.

      • U. S. A. has a rise in syphilis. This recent wave of syphilis is mostly a problem confronting gay men—or, to use the broader medical term, men who have sex with men. Between 2000 and 2004 alone, the CDC reports that the estimated proportion of primary and secondary syphilis infections attributable to men having sex with men rose dramatically, from 7 percent to 64 percent.

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        • I guess you missed the one about the heterosexual Swingers sex club that wants to call themselves a church now…. So they can have their orgies next to a Christian school. You can’t make sense out of nonsense….

          • no of course not. I’m laughing because I put a stop to your foolishness and you had nothing else to say….. LOL!!!

          • So what’s your point? People pass sexually transmitted disease every day. Because every now and then there’s more than the other does it make a difference? You need to grow up… That’s all I could say to that reply. It’s a pointless discussion if you can’t turn the page.

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