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Ben Carson Apologizes for Gay is a Choice Comment

ben carson

*Republican presidential aspirant Ben Carson has done a 360 and apologized for saying being gay is a choice, following a backlash over his assertion that prisons are evidence that homosexuality is an option, reports USA Today.

“In a recent interview on CNN, I realized that my choice of language does not reflect fully my heart on gay issues,” said the retired neurosurgeon and Republican on Facebook. “I regret that my words to express that concept were hurtful and divisive. For that I apologize unreservedly to all that were offended.”

Carson launched a 2016 presidential exploratory committee earlier this week. He has a faithful following among conservatives, and is doing better in some public opinion polls than some better-known Republicans seeking the White House.

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  1. Dr. Carson. I admire, you, your struggle, and your ethic very much!! As a child, I grew up Learning your story, and it has been you, who inspired me, as a Christian, young lady of color, yo graduate from college, beat my circumstances, and go on to greater things. Thank you!! For being a great role model, indirectly. Please….. Do not change your feelings, ethic, or commentary for the masses!! I happen to agree with your initial commentary; as I have observed it time and time again, within my local communities and family!! First hsnd.!! Thanks for having the courage, to challenge the masses, especially our African American communities; who are often in denial!!! And we know it!! Continue to have the courage to be who you are, and stand by your convictions!! As a believer, you do understand, that we are in the last days, and all that is of God, will be challenged. You are moving on to greater things; and you are 1 of very few African American sound role models, and leaders that we have left!! My heart, as a mother, black woman, and Christian. Cannot bear to see another one of our people blinded, and bought out by the masses!! Please have no fear, and remain strong in your convictions! This is from my heart! I hope my words will have great bearing on you, as God takes you to new and greater aspirations!! But please, remain convicted!! In no way shape or form, was there a need to apologize. No reason at all! May God bless you always!!

    Your friend,
    Ernestine! 🙂

    • Thank you Ernie – I am also a believer in Christ, and I am so very tired of people in denial of the truth – I don’t know much about Dr.Carson but I do agree on two topics he discussed , and this one in particular – there was no reason whatsoever for him to apologize; he may have wanted to use a different analogy, but either way, it is well past time for anyone to be afraid of speaking the truth about homosexuality; it is obviously a choice, no one is born as a homosexual, that has already been proven, and for whatever stance this so-called lgb whatever they are faction wants to take, who cares, some people can’t handle the truth – no, they should not have been allowed to attempt to ruin the sanctity of marriage, yes, it was a mistake to allow two people of the same gender to be considered as legally married – yes, it is a mistake to teach elementary school children, or minors in general, that homosexuality and cross-dressing is appropriate because it is not something for someone not yet at sexual maturity level to even consider – I’m sick of it, and we do need to take a stand against all this nonsense, people wanting to treat homosexuality as if it is something to be praised or applauded – I know that we live in a fallen world and that things ate likely to worsen until Jesus comes back, but in the meantime, I will not apologize for believing in the word of God, He said homosexuality is not just a sin but an abomination, and if people who choose homosexual practices to fulfill their urges behind their gender-confused state cannot handle that or don’t believe in God or want to ignore what He said about it, then that’s their choice, but I see no reason for anyone to apologize for their misguided choices and yes, I said misguided because there’s that thing called abstinence – and throw away all that rhetoric about speaking against homosexuality is hate and bigotry because it is not – somebody has to stand up for the truth and stop all this celebrate and embrace and acceptance of homosexuality nonsense because that’s what it is, nonsense … it is sad to watch this country going through such a moral decline …

      • Thank you RJ! Thumbs up! I’m in 200% total agreement with you!! It breaks my heart, I’m very overwhelmed; when my 16 year old daughters returns from school, and is telling me that her “Catholic Christian” school, now has a lgb homosexual club!!!! What!!! What the hell is going on!!! This is a Christian school, mind you!! Now, I’m fighting the school, of Christian origin, as the moral and ethic they are teaching my daughter, is in severe conflict, with what I teach her at home, and her biblical upbringing. If these people CHOOSE to live this lifestyle, then that’s their businesses; but please don’t force it on me, or my 16 year old vulnerable and impressionable child!! It’s not fair!! I’m just so sick & tired!! I’m at a lost for words. I hate no one, and I pray for all, as I am called to do so; but the arrogance and entitlement displayed by folks who practice this lifestyle, is in no way a comparison to the civil rights struggles, we people of color have endured. We fought for fairness and equal liberties, as they relate to civic and basic human rights. These people try to use our struggle in comparison, to promote feelings of misguided guilt and remorse. Their fight is not similar, as they are simply, in essence fighting the masses to accept their choiceful ways, and promote their ways!! If I offer you a drug, and you know you have a weakness for this drug, mabte due in part to a higher genetic disposition, of family use; at the end of the day, its still your decision to fight the urge to use the drug; or give in, and make everyone else around you accept your use, and promote your use!! I do not bite!! I will not use!! Even without the consideration of the bible, for non believers, basic human construction, tells us that this is abnormal. It’s simply a medical mental, spiritual issue of gender confusion. It can be treated. If one “CHOOSES”, TO ALLOW TREATMENT!! RJ, I don’t know about you, but, I have observed some very SINISTER PLOTS AND ISSURES OCCURRING, WITHIN THE LAST 10 YEARS. MORE AND MORE OF OUR BABIES, ARE CLAIMING THIS LIFESTYLE. I feel like I’m in the twilight zone, I often cry! I’m a teacher, and I see this everyday!! People WAKE UP!!!! Something’s going on, that’s not the norm. This illness, I believe is at the highest rate, it’s ever been, in the history of mankind!! You mean to tell me, no one else recognizes this!! Sinister, sinister, sinister!!!!! 🙁 :(.

        • First of all Ernie, you are a sorry excuse for a Christian. A hateful human being. Your tirade is a complete contradiction, saying you love all people and in the next breath you are spewing hate, and I don’t believe that you are a teacher. Your writing is like a child. You can’t come on a site and spew such hate and expect not to be challenged. With all your screaming and spewing of hateful rhetoric, does not make you right. You are a hypocrite of the highest order, and one of the reasons why this country is in the shape that it’s in. As much as you spew you Godliness, I’m afraid that you will be going in the other direction. No God, that I know of, would accept someone as hateful as you are. Orientation of someone’s sexually is not determined when he or she goes into prison, are when they come out. Your ignorant is also glaring. I glad you have a ally in rj because most people will see how really stupid you people are. As the old adage goes, “Ignorance is Bliss.” So stay in your cloud of ignorance, and I hope that your daughters learn better than the vile, hateful rhetoric that comes from you!!!

          • Mr. Cook. Your insecurity, and self hate is extremely glaring. I do apologize for my spelling on the last text, as I am using my cell phone, and my emotions along with my eye sight is very poor. Further more, you don’t have to believe anything about me. I have been a well recognized educator, for many years. I have conversated with the likes of Barbara Bush, Dr. Cornell West, and many others….brother!!! While developing economic development projects in marginalized countries such as South Africa, Costa Rica, and many others!! Your presumptuous nature? I don’t give a damn!!

            Now…. It’s obvious by your tone, you have many emotional, self hate issues going on. I PRESUME, stemming from childhood. You’re lost brother, I love you,….. But God loves you more. Give him a chance! For yourself! I’ll say it one more time, because your not getting it!!! I hate no one!! I don’t believe or accept homosexuality, as it’s my choice. I’d hug you, have dinner with you, share the bible with you, and any other homosexual person, as I would any heterosexual person. You can’t make me go against my biblical beliefs, no matter how hard you try! My God is here to stay! I stand convicted!! I invite you to worship with me, and experience the love and forgiveness of the lord! If it hadn’t been for him, I’d never make it, in this lost world. He has saved me, many times over, for this, I’m forever loyal. He made me to congregate with man, and that’s what it is, my dear sir. I’ll continue to pray for you,…. And teach my students about people like you.
            As far as life pertains to my daughter, she’s not your concern. For the sake of this forum, I will advise you, to not cross boundaries! She’s a well bred, smart Christian young lady! Who was raised to uphold morals, and Christian ethic! No drugs, no crime….. Etc….I as a woman and mother, do not want that taken from her!! But if course, as a black man…..I wouldn’t expect you to understand this!!! There Are many nasty, unforgiving things, I could say to you, especially, after reading your profile!! But,….I won’t. I won’t stoop to your level. It’s unnecessary. My God is an awesome God. U love you, but God loves you more brother!! Stay well!! 🙁

          • Leviticus 18:22: “Thou shall not lie with mandkind, as with womankind, it is abomination”

            ***As a loving Christian…. Should I ignore this!!?**””

        • Fake Christian’s unite & march alone!! The Jesus Christ that I know doesn’t discriminate & is the FATHER of all. You sad sod carry your torch & lead your kind to extinct! Amen…..

      • To the masses of that community: ***In essence I CAN’T STOP BEING BLACK”!!!! (NOT THAT I WANT TO), ….BUT YOU!!………… HAVE A CHOICE!!!! :(***

      • rj, I just reread you comment and your ignorance is glaring! You are the worst kind of hypocrite! I’ve not read such hateful rhetoric in a long time. You say that God has said that homosexual behavior is an abomination, what does he say about a hateful, ignorant, bigot such as yourself. You and Ernie have taken upon your self to follow the ignorant rant of another ignorant person’s misguided stance on something that you obviously know nothing about. As for you conclusion about homosexually being a choice, I suggest that you do some research so that you don’t sound as ignorant as you know doubt are. The medical community has changed their stance about homosexual behavior, and found it not to be a choice. Homosexuals have been here as long as mankind. Your hateful rhetoric simply shows how ignorant you really are, and the good doctor.

  2. Tell me why do he have 2 apologize every time that a person say something that the gay community do not like they want 2 roast an toast you. In this good old USA u have freedom of speach now the gays want 2 dictate 2 a person what is appropriate 2 say ummm.

  3. If Ernie and rj represent Christian values then we are doomed! LOL!!! I’ve not heard such non-sense in a long time. People actually presuming to speak for God, with their hateful rhetoric. I know black people are homophobic, even though their churches are full of homosexuals, pretending for the congregation, “praise the Lord” are total hypocrites. All this holier than thou BS is really weak. No doubt Ernie and rj have secrets of their own. Psychologist, doing a study, found that people that are accusing of homosexuals are really secretly homosexuals themselves, and are merely pointing to throw off any suspicion of themselves.
    As for the good doctor, his handlers simply told him that what he said wasn’t cool, and might cost him if he intended to run for president. I know you dimwits think that the good doctor has actually made a statement by showing his ignorance, like yourselves, but the truth of the matter is homosexuals are here to stay. They have a right to this earth the same as you. They have a right to marry anybody they choose, same as you. Who in the hell do you think you are to discriminate against a group of people because of your misguided values. If the God that you worship is as hateful as you say he is, then you are doomed, for your hateful ugly stance against another human being.

    • Mr. Cook, first and for most, you do not know me! I ask you to keep your assumptions and wishes to yourself, you can throw your so called statistics in the trash! I am 200% heterosexual, and I too have the rights to my brleifs. I’m very much a Christian, and as a Christian, I am in total alignment, with what the bible says about your lifestyle!! I won’t go against my beliefs to please you or anyone else!! I will not be forced or manipulated! My God is an awesome God!! You sir are a liberal bully…… But you will not bully me! You have the right to your beliefs, and I have the right to mined. I also possess the right to continue to raise MY daughter, according to the Christian moral, my parents instilled, and their parents instilled!!! I never once said, that I hated anyone!! This is a sinful tactic you all use, to get people to accept your lifestyle! I love ALL PEOPLE, WHETHER THEY ARE DRUG ADDICTS, GAYS, CRIMINALS, ETC….AND I PRAY FOR THEM ALL, AS GOD ASKS ME TO!! DON’T MISCONSTRUE MY COMMENTARY!! UNLIKE MR. CARSON…. I WILL NOT APOLOGIZE, FOR WHAT MY GOD, CALLS ME TO BELIEVE!! I AM A WOMAN. MADE AND CREATED TO BE WITH A MAN!! SIMPLY PUT!! THERES NO DEBATE!! I ASK YOU TO RESPECT OTHERS BELIEFS, IF YOU WANT THE MASSES TO RESPECT YOU. I DON’T HATE YOU OR OTHER HOMOSEXYALS, I JUST DON’T BELIEVE IN IT, IT IS NOT NORMAL, AND EVERY BLACK MAN I KNOW, WHO SERVED TIME, HAS ENDED UP HOMOSEXUAL, OR HAVE HAD A HOMISEXUAL EXPERIENCE. THEY KEEP IT QUIET, THEIR IN DENIAL……UNTIL SOME INNOCENT WOMAN, LIKE MY AUNT, ENDS UP WITH AIDS!!!!! I DON’T ACCEPT DRUG USE, I DON’T ACCEPT RACISM, I DON’T PROMOTE CRIMINALS, I DONT BELIEVE OR ACCEPT HOMOSEXUALITY!! I DO BELIEVE ALL PEOPLE HAVE THE RIGHT TO LIVE PEACEFULLY, AND NOT DISCRIMINATED AGAINST!! INCLUDING MYSELF!!! FOR BELIEVING MY BIBLE, AND BASIC HUMAN COMPOSITION!! I CAN LOVE YOU IN CHRIST, WITHOUT BEING FORCED TO ACCEPT YOUR BELEIFS! CALL IT WHAT YOU WSNT! I CALL IT COMMON SENSE. I ASK YOU SIR, TO LEAVE ME ALONE, SO THAT I MAYBREAD MY BIBLE!! STAND STRONG RJ! THE ENEMY IS ON THE PROWL, BUT WE SHALL NOT BE MOVED!!!

  4. That is right Ernie – I will die for Jesus, it’s only fair, He died for me – You touched on something I was discussing with my sister not long ago; we were trying to figure out where all these teens and even preteens are coming from, saying that they’re homosexual; I mean it’s like a couple of years ago boys looked like boys and girls looked like girls and now it’s all of a sudden vice-versa – we decided some faction somewhere is preying on our youth this way as a covert measure for population control … she told me of an article she read about this so-called new world order and how it calls for androgeny, en masse – I said to hell with all that, I know the devil is busy but this is ridiculous, so here’s the deal: homosexuality is not just a sin, it’s an abomination, meaning that makes God really, really angry, and if you look at how all of a sudden our government prefers to cater to this so-called marriage for the gender-confused, never mind how many people are hungry for the first time in their lives, it just means satan is trying to gather all his minions, and he’s going to prefer the weaker and easiest to manipulate amongst us, because time is running out – now, about all those silly remarks in certain posts in this thread, I try not to but I’m laughing … then I remind myself of what my parents taught me and my siblings … compassion for those who are lost … homosexuality is definitely a struggle from my vantage point; I definitely see it, especially with the name calling and such, but it doesn’t bother me … because I know the truth … and I serve a God … and the supporters of homosexuality want all true believers in Christ who do not support or condone their actions to be silent … that’s not going to happen – if I said it before I’ll say it again: more people are going to have to stand up and speak out against the scourge of homosexuality, if nothing but to protect our youth … so for those who choose homosexuality as their lifestyle choice, don’t get mad at those who don’t approve – talk to God about it … pick up a KJV and read what He says about homosexuality … deal with it; He gave us all free will … I simply choose to do what He says is right … how is that hate …

    • Amen brother! I didn’t want to necessarily say it, but I’m glad you did!! NWO!! DEFINITELY!! Because these babies are too young to know themselves, let alone, their sexuality!! There is something very sinister going on…..I just don’t know what, or how, they’re doing it…..but it’s very apparent. I’m afraid for my daughter, and countless other innocent youth!! We must band together…. It’s the only way. The end is definitely near. Let’s stay connected in prayer brother!! I am a child of God!! I shall not fear!! God is my protector whom I love and respect!! He’s all that I have!! Continue to do what is right, as WE should! Amen!! 🙂

      • I had to come back to say this: certain schools are throwing same-sex parenting and cross-dressing into their curriculum … and as early as kindergarten … this has got to stop and right away … a group of parents in a Midwest state, either KS or OK, I forget which, caught wind of it and stormed into the principal’s office and demanded that they ban that crap from being taught to their children … and it worked … so it behooves every conscientious parent to do the same, to check the curriculum, and if it’s being taught and you object then you can request they remove it from the curriculum altogether, and if they refuse, you can request your child(ren) be removed from the classroom without penalty as they teach that particular subject – you can also start a petition for any school district to stop this from happening, and raise hell with the corresponding superintendent – do a Google search about it; it’s being banned all over the place – and if you really want to get fired up, Google ‘the princess boy’ – a Black couple allowing their five-year-old to go to school in a pink tulle tutu and various other girls’ attire – translation: the first child was a boy, and possibly found out she couldn’t have a third child and wanted a girl, so she turned her second little boy into a girl, not the first time I’ve heard of someone doing that, only now it’s become a novelty, a ‘lesson in acceptance’ is what they call it in the classrooms – that’s a crock of b.s. if ever I saw one, and how sad for that little boy – then there’s angelina jolie, who’s been dressing her little girl, Shiloh,, like a boy since she was two, and someone wrote an article about it and called it ‘ the Shiloh experiment’ – yeah, they’re trying to warm us up for this so-called ‘new world order’ crap – I myself am ready for the revolution; those of us who want to put this madness to rest need to get together and protest anywhere and everywhere, sign petitions against this crap wherever you can find one – we are the majority and we can put a stop to this immorality; we must save our children … which of our leaders can we turn to, to enforce this and stop this from happening to our children – waiting on them, we’d better help ourselves …

  5. EUR, he did a 180, not a 360. Ernestine and RJ, everybody don’t believe what you believe …but and you cannot be mad at the EVOLUTION of a country that claims all men are created equal and promises equal protection under the law. Are you as vocal about other sins or just this one?

  6. Good lives everybody, but he does hate sin. No sin is greater than another, excerpt blasphemy of the Holy Spirit; however a person cannot change the fact that their sin is a sin, revamp a religion, or change freedom of speech and religious freedom of others to sit themself. Get out of your personal feelings and ask the Holy Spirit to guide you when you read the word of God. To be a Christian outs to make Christ lord off your life. Too many want to lord over their own lives and change a whole religion to do so.

    Smart people exchange ideas not insults. Still calling people stupid.

    • Right & Real Christian’s don’t even feel the need to comment., accuse or blame. And yes I’m blessed and was born with a key to the pearly gates. Time is already running out and has been on a downslope for many years.

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