Saturday, August 13, 2022

After Being Called ‘Lazy, Stupid Africans’ and ‘N*ggers’ Warehouse Workers Win Big


*Some might poke back at the idiots who used racial slurs against warehouse workers in Denver, and think, ‘you can call me whatever. And I’ll be thinking of you while I cash this check, hear?’ That’s because the brothers and sisters were recently awarded $15 million dollars as part of a discrimination settlement after being called “lazy, stupid Africans” and “n**gers.”

Seven workers at Matheson Trucking and Matheson Flight Extenders Inc. claim that they were separated by race and taunted by racial slurs.

Many of the workers immigrated from the African country of Mali, with the exception of a white whistle-blower, who stood up to the offenders and resisted the racist practices.

“I thought I was back South again with the same old racist attitudes,”  plaintiff Ernie Duke told the Denver Post.

“Basically, I did the right thing. This isn’t 1960 anymore,” white employee Dean Patricelli, who was called the “tribe’s assistant” and fired for supporting black workers,  told the paper.

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  1. That is very sad for blacks to continue to go thru situations like this when will this racist situation stop lord have mercy.

  2. So tell me again how race has nothing to do with how black people are being treated in Amerikkka? GTFOH!

    There are countless incidents like this one. Thank God people were willing to document this nonsense, and stand up these barbarians (even under the threat of being fired).

    I am so elated that these folks won! One of the only ways to shut this kind of B.S. down is to sock it to white supremacists via their pocket book. Take these stink butt savages to the bank! The one thing these freaks love more than anything is their money… 🙂

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