Saturday, September 24, 2022

Dwight Howard Grabs a Hand Full of Teammate’s ‘Man Parts’ (Watch)

dwight howard,

*Dwight Howard might be injured, but he is definitely having some fun on the sidelines of the Houston Rockets’ games, according to Bleacher Report.

Just ask teammate Isaiah Canaan. He pressed, tabbed or grabbed — depending on how folks look at it — Cannon’s man parts when he went to sit down next to him.

Right before “violating” Canaan, Howard opened up to NBA reporter Heather Cox about his injury, recovery and then, she switched it up to learn more about his fashion sense.

Howard had bone marrow removed form his pelvis and injected into his right knee to try to speed up his injury. He’s doing a combination of rehab, pool work,  bike work and weight room.

On his recovery:
“The biggest thing for me is just to get healthy. I can’t really give you a timetable of when I will be back,” he said. “I just want to be sure I’m ready and  able to play for the play offs.”

On his fashion sense:
“I love wearing suits. I wore them growing up in high school,” he said. “And I know last night everyone said that my suit look like a deck of cards mixed with kaleidoscope. So I got a lot laughs about that.”

Watch the crotch grab on Vine below:

Watch the interview below:



  1. Why would he grab this man private parts, that was not funny at all he knew better he is to old to be acting like that especially at an NBA game there are cameras everywhere. He is very desrepectful to his teammates now the world see who he is now.

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