Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Diddy Bans Son Quincy from Fox’s ‘Empire’ over Music Rights

quincy and diddy

*You won’t see Diddy’s adopted son Quincy on Fox’s hottest series “Empire” anytime soon, if pops has his way.

The mogul pulled the 23-year-old from Lee Daniels’ series after battling 20th Century Fox TV over music rights, Page Six is reporting.

According to sources, Quincy was guaranteed a role on the show, but Diddy flipped out when he learned that his son, a budding recording artist, would have to sign over a portion of his music rights to Fox.

Page Six reports:

Stars on the show are subject to music contracts similar to those on other shows like “Glee” or “American Idol,” which propel their players into superstardom. “Empire” features a score curated by hit-maker Timbaland and includes original songs that are sold on iTunes and Spotify.

A source told us: “Diddy kicked up a huge stink and called all the top brass at 20th Century Fox TV to get them to change their rules over music rights,” but he didn’t get his way. “He said there was no way his son was signing over his intellectual property. So he banned him from the show.”

Actor and singer Quincy, 23, is the son of music producer Al B. Sure! and Combs’ former girlfriend Kim Porter. Combs adopted Quincy while in a long-term relationship with Porter.

Another source told us Quincy — who just released his first single, “Friends First” — is still being considered for a role on the second season. “Lee’s super excited about having Quincy on the show,” we’re told, as long as his dad relents on the intellectual property issue. Reps for both Fox and Diddy declined to comment Monday night.

Watch the lyric video for Quincy’s song “Friends First” below:



  1. Interesing… Back in the day Diddy’s contracts required artist to give up their first and second born. Life has a funny way of making you look in the mirror, right? Sadly he probably didn’t get what Karma was trying to show him. *smh*

      • Yo…..you diiiiiiiiiiiiig!!??? Aaaaaaaand!??, that narcissistic nig STOLE from those artist! AND had Loon writing his raps n shyt, Carl T?, basically SAVED!!!!! Bad Boy, & niether got a GD THANG for it!!! Bottom line….errybawdy that “maaaaade” Bad Boy?, got “FKD” by Bad Boy/Diddy! Simply put…Diddy is basically, no….EXACTLY!!! how/what “Berry Gordy” was to….everyone @ Motown. And those who haaaaave something now, had to LEAVE Motown & “earn it all over again”, to ….”get it”!!!! Diddy is a talent leechin, track STEALin, “ghost producer” NO PAYIN!!, hypocrite BYTchass….peeeeeeeriod!! SSMGDH!

    • Yo….wuuuuuuuuuurd UP!!!!! Is this “THE” biggest hypocrite breathin in this B!!?? And!??, that arrogant thief didn’t even want to pay those artist he “sampled from”, eeeeeeithah, but “now” this bytch and a “discrepancy” with someone “ELSE’s” credits/royalties n shyt!?? Gaaaaaaaaaaaaawd DAYuuuuuuuuuuum! WOW!

    • Btw….Diddy ALSO used AND ripped off EVERY LAST ONE of those “bands” in
      that “Making The Band” series! All tha BS was, was a way for him to promote…”HIMSELF”!!!, while doggin the a SHYT outta those kids & takin their money, to boot! Yeah….he MUSTa been “lookin in the mirror”, when he coined that phrase…..”BYTCHASSNESS”! TITMFB!

  2. Now ain’t that about nothin? LOL.You have to laugh at the irony. As for Quincy, he’s just like his daddy: not great in the vocal department. The song is auto tuned to death. Ugh. I’ll stick to the classic soul school, thank you much.

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