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Chris Bosh is Chris Justice: Back to the Force in ‘Tall Justice 2’

chris bosh
Miami Heat’s Chris Bosh plays Chris Justice, a washed out meter maid, in “Tall Justice 2.” Asked back to the force, Justice is framed & finds culprit red handed.

*Look who’s getting his comedic acting chops on.

In “Tall Justice 2,” Miami Heat, star, Chris Bosh plays Chris Justice, a washed out meter maid who is bummed out about incidents on the job.  Asked back to the force he is framed and works to find out who did it before its too late.

The comedy short about corruption in the land of meters and parking signs, is written by Michael Burke and Alex Richanbach, and parodies a handful of dramatic detective stories with more criminal plots.

When fellow parking enforcement officer, ‘Spud’ played by Joe Hartzler knocks at Justice’s silver trailer bus, Justice lounging at a table cluttered with empty bottles, yell’s out, “What do you want.”

Spud spews back, “You may be done with the game justice but the game’s not done with you. We need you back… One last job Justice,” Spud says.

Justice no longer believes that he is meter maid material, after incidents that resulted in the traffic attendant’s partner leaving for a new city. He agrees to come back, however, when spud tells him that the trouble goes deeper then meter maiding; there is corruption in the force.

Justice, now coerced back into service finds that there is confusion everywhere. Parking spaces that don’t make any sense and more trumped up meter troubles.

While out in the field, Justice saves a sexy lady from parking in a restricted space that she’d get fined in. When the woman gets out of her car he realizes out loud that she is already ‘fine.’

The chief, played by Hal Rudnick warns Justice to back off. Meanwhile Justice wants to know who’s profiting from the troubles.

When clues turn up like evidence hidden on top shelves suggest that the perpetrator is a tall person, Spud interrogates Justice: “How do you explain this Justice; that guy’s tall you’re tall?” Justice runs off declaring that he’s been framed.

chris bosh
Chris Bosh in “Tall Justice 2”

Justice goes undercover in white face, played by Actor, Dashiell Driscoll. With his mask on, hiding from a police officer looking for him at the door, Justice tells the cop “sorry officer I have never seen that handsome man before in my life.”

Meanwhile it seems that he may get some undercover action with a ‘Good Lookin’ Lady,’ played by Actress, Corbin Reid.

Lying in bed, the good lookin’ lady, ask Justice how deep does it go. He tells her it goes deep, real deep…

He’s talking about the corruption, though. It goes all the way to the chief, Justice said.

Justice later discovers that Spud has framed him when he catches him red handed. Spud is found with stilts on planting tall meter signs that implicate Justice.

With Funny Or Die, Chris Bosh returns to NBA TV this fall as Chris Justice in “Tall Justice 2.”

Watch the trailer here:

About Chris Bosh

Early July last year, 30-year-old Chris Bosh who previously signed with the Miami Heat,  became a free agent.  The 6’11 basket ball star born in Dallas Texas  signed a multi-year contract; later that month. He is currently under a renewed contract with Miami Heat.  Bosh to make free agent status again in 2019.

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