Sunday, September 19, 2021

GloZell Gifts Green Lip Gloss To Obama’s ‘First Wife’ (Watch)

obama & glozell

Is there something we don’t know about the president? Well of course there’s a LOT we don’t know about the president. But we do know that his FIRST and ONLY wife is Michelle Obama.

On Thursday  President Obama learned about his ‘first wife‘ in what’s being described as a public relations disaster interview after picking three of the most popular YouTube content creators to interview him.

GloZell Green, a popular YouTube fixture known for her extreme acts like eating a ladle full of cinnamon, offered the president three samples of her trademark green lipstick as gifts for his daughters – and for the woman she called Obama’s ‘first wife.’

‘You know something I don’t?’ Obama cracked before Green corrected herself and referred to Michelle Obama as ‘first lady.’

Another YouTube star, 19-year-old Bethany Mota, asked the leader of the free world, ‘If you had any super power, what would it be?’

Obama’s answer: the ability to speak to anyone in their native language. And flying.

You can read/learn MORE at Daily Mail.

Watch GloZell Green’s super boo boo:



  1. What a colossal waste of time…

    Hanging out with ghetto fabulous knuckle-heads when there are so many important things that need to be addressed regarding black people… Please… Why not get with some real black journalists for a relevant discussion regarding our plight as a people…?

    We need another minstrel show like we need more unemployment, or another black life lost to another Klansmen masquerading as a cop.

    Lord have mercy…

  2. WTH was POTUS even dooooooooinng ‘on a show like “that”!??? I mean I understand “out reach” n all but….. GDmiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit!!!!

  3. @ Nicky Jackson, I agree 100% This dingbat could not get it together, the interview went down hill from the get go. That GREEN lipstick is HORRIBLE!!! The WH should have declined the invite for an interview. My Goodness!!! PS. Pres Obama is looking at her like WTF!!!! LOL!!

  4. What the HECK!!! was that all about???? I am sure Pres Obama did not know what he was in for with this idiot trying to interview him. Where did they dig her up from and what type of show is this???? How stupid and embarassing!!

  5. I am sure that when he got back into whatever mode of transportation he arrived in, the south side of Chicago came out and heads rolled. Who came up with this publicity idea? Fumble.

  6. People will overthink everything. Glozell is a popular youtuber with over 3 million subscribers. In this day and age it only makes sense that he try to connect with the young people and the old, the rich, middle class and the poor. There is nothing wrong with that. More people should pay attention with what is going on and lets face it more people are turning in to youtube and social media for everything. Heck thats why people are on here commenting. As far as her saying first wife, she clearly didn’t mean that.


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