Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Adam ‘Pacman’ Jones Ordered to Pay $12.4 Million Judgment in Strip Club Shooting

Adam 'Pacman' Jones
Adam ‘Pacman’ Jones

*Unfortunately for NFLer Adam “Pacman” Jones, even though he didn’t pull the trigger, the Nevada Supreme Court ruled that he has to pay more than $12.4 million in damages in a shooting that wounded two Las Vegas strip club doormen nearly eight years ago, including one who was paralyzed from the waist down.

Last week’s unanimous state high court ruling upheld a jury’s finding that the Cincinnati Bengals defensive player instigated the event and was responsible to pay some $11.2 million to Tommy Urbanski and his ex-wife, Kathy, and $1.3 million to Urbanski’s former co-worker Aaron Cudworth.

The justices upheld the trial judge’s decision to remove the NFL from liability in the case, and rejected Jones’ contention that damage awards for the Urbanskis and Cudworth didn’t legally correspond to findings of fault.

A civil trial jury in June 2012 found Jones liable for assault, battery, false imprisonment and intentional infliction of emotional distress against Cudworth.

But the same jury found Jones wasn’t liable for assault, battery and imprisonment in Urbanski’s case. The damages awarded to the Urbanskis were for medical costs, loss of earnings and infliction of distress.

Jones’ lawyer in the Supreme Court appeal, Lisa Rasmussen, insisted Friday that the Supreme Court and the Clark County District Court judges who handled the case got it wrong, reports the AP.

“It was not an inconsistent verdict, it was an impossible verdict,” Rasmussen said. “The district court’s response was that it was an interesting issue, better left to someone else — meaning the Nevada Supreme Court.”

Rasmussen accused the high court justices of “repeatedly” ignoring what she called difficult issues of law, “particularly where there are very real consequences for the lives and parties involved.”

Authorities alleged that Jones, who was a member of the Tennessee Titans at the time, instigated the incident by throwing hundreds of $1 bills toward dancers after he and his entourage were ejected from a private party on a February 2007 weekend when the NBA All-Star game was held in Las Vegas.

What a lot of people are wondering is does Jones even have the money to pay the judgment?

You get MORE info about the case at Sporting News.




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