Monday, June 17, 2024

Catch Her ‘Outside’: VanVan, 4, Goes Viral With Freestyle Rhymes

*A 4-year-old Charlotte, North Carolina girl has tickled social medial to no end with her singing and rapping.

Savannah McConneaughey, better known as “VanVan,” is entertaining thousands of fans across TikTok, Instagram and Twitter with her original single, Playing Outside Everyday.

“During COVID, we used to listen to music a lot. And I used to cut on beats and when she used to stand in front of the TV just kind of looking at Disney movies and mimicking everything and saying everything after each character — I was like her memory is fantastic,” said Reggie McConneaughey, VanVan’s dad, who runs her TikTok account. “She and her mom used to sing songs together; that’s where it all started.”

Her parents said they recognized her musical talent at 1 year old.

“Around 1 or 2, I would sing something and she would sing after me or try to mimic just by humming,” saidVanVan’s mom, Kenya McConneaughey. “Just by humming her words or just listening and playing it back using whatever she knew at that time.”

VanVan, who told NewsNation that her favorite artists are Beyonce and Halle Bailey, recently dropped her first single, “Play Outside Every Day.”

“My name is VanVan, I like to rap/by 2 o’clock I take a nap,” she says while doing a two-step in a viral clip that currently has more than a million views. “I eat a snack and I roll over/I like to draw with my Crayolas.”

Watch below:

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