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Adrienne Bailon-Houghton: ‘Mom Guilt is Real’ (Watch)

Israel Adrienne & New Baby - Instagram
Israel Adrienne & New Baby – Instagram

*Adrianne Bailon-Houghton is admitting to having mom guilt as a career woman.

The E! News host and new mom recently shared an emotional reel on Instagram where she explained, through voiceover, how she struggles with balancing her work life with motherhood.

The video showed her on set hosting, while another showed her playing with Ever, her eleven-month-old son with gospel star Israel Houghton. As the scenes unveiled, the former host of “The Real” declared in voiceover: “This working mom’s favorite job and title would forever and always be ‘Ever’s mommy.’”

She then revealed the challenge of trying to juggle motherhood with work, noting that not all days are good days.

“But honestly, there are other days when I am so exhausted, and I don’t feel like coming or going, juggling bicoastal living and running two companies,” she said. “And on the days when guilt creeps in, and I’m super overwhelmed, I pause, and I’m reminded of my greatest blessing and answered prayer. My baby boy, he makes it all worth it. He is my why; he is my motivation to get out of bed every morning.

In conclusion, Bailon gave guilty moms a pep talk.

“So, mamas out there, you got this. You’re killing it.” She captioned the post, “a mid-week reminder ???? mom guilt is real. i needed this today,” before plugging her YouTube video where she detailed all about mom guilt.

Watch Bailon’s video below:

This isn’t the first time Bailon has talked about guilt as a mom. The former Cheetah Girl previously shared one worst mom moment about getting intimate with her partner while their son was with them.

“The worst thing about motherhood would be getting it on with a sleeping baby in the room, but you just make it happen,” the new mom shared, noting that the experience wasn’t perfect. “It was fun at first… but now you’re like, ‘OK, this gets awkward.”

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