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Tami Roman On Character’s S2 Struggles in ‘The Ms. Pat Show’ | Watch EUR Exclusive

Ms. Pat show cast mates Tami Roman and J Bernard Calloway
Ms. Pat show cast mates Tami Roman and J Bernard Calloway

*Tami Roman stars as Denise Ford on the BET+ series, “The Ms. Pat Show,” which is now streaming on the platform.

Denise is Pat’s colorful, one-of-a-kind big sister, who, in many ways, is emotionally younger. This season, Denise will take a stab at turning over a new leaf by moving in with Janelle’s teacher, Lee, becoming a Christian and an entrepreneur with her own line of hair care products called Denise Grease. Even though the sisters ultimately come together after the death of their mother, recovering alcoholic Denise will succumb to the pressures in her life.

We talked with Roman about the similarities between herself and the character, plus what we can expect from Denise this season.

Roman shared, “I think people will see some things that are very unexpected for Denise. But what it represents in this particular moment, in this particular season, is just what life is about. You can be on the right path, and something will come, and all of a sudden, you’re three steps back and trying to get ten steps forward. And that’s what Denise is going through.”

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Ms. Pat Show Season 2 Ms. Pat & Tami Roman
“The Ms. Pat Show” season 2 – Patricia Williams and Tami Roman

Roman continued, “I think it’s just a testament to what everyone is going through in life. You’re always going to be met with some type of challenge. And how you react to those things determines your character, your integrity, and whether you’re truly growing and evolving. And so that’s what people will see Denise go through, and me stepping into that. So, being able to bring that to life is what I’m saying. I go through it all the time in my real life. So, it’s like, okay, I’ll just bring how I felt the emotion that I felt in real life into this situation with Denise.”

Bernard Calloway stars as “Terry Carson,” Pat’s husband. In season two, the audience will see Pat’s rock of 20 years face his own challenges. Terry is coming to terms with some of the realizations he made in therapy– and he’ll attempt to apply them to his life and marriage to a woman who is on her way to becoming a big success. Though Terry is still her supportive anchor, as Pat continues to grow and change and Terry’s daily life remains largely the same, their marriage will be tested on several fronts, with Terry missing their old dynamic.

Watch EUR’s full conversation with Tami and Bernard via the clip below.

You can catch all of season two of “The Ms. Pat Show” on BET+.




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