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Ready To Love Exit Interview: w/Devin Duggan + PicsVideos

Devin Duggan
Ready To Love, Castmember Devin Duggan

*The third episode of OWN’s reality dating show, “Ready To Love,” season 6 aired last Friday. Yet, cast member Devin Duggan didn’t make it that far. He got the boot on episode two. So, he sat down for an EURweb exclusive interview to reveal what led to his dismissal. 

EURweb: Your bio says you’re a 32-year-old sales rep, but judging from your IG portfolio some say you should be a model! I’m sure you heard that before, yes?

Devin Duggan: I’ve had my fair share of modeling. I’ve had my experience with modeling. And previous show appearances that I’ve had got me signed with two agencies. 

EURweb: It’s evident that getting compliments from ladies is nothing new to you. In fact, when one of the RTL show producers commented on how much attention you were getting, you commented that “I’m like honey, and there were a lot of bees around!” How hard is it for you to maneuver through people who just want to get to know you because of how you look and they don’t bother going below the surface?

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Devin Duggan: I think that is a recurring issue in my life. Whether it’s happened in my past experience playing in the NFL or the modeling stuff or TV stuff, not taking the time to realize who I am on the inside.  in other parts of my life. I’m looking for a little more in-depth connection. That whole conversation has been very troubling for me. 

EURweb: Let’s turn to some of the feedback you were getting on the show. Castmember Shareese showed you a lot of love and attention even after you flip-flopped on whether you had children. It’s one of the questions you ask people when you’re trying to get to know them; whether or not they have children. Did you forget that you had a son or did you flip flop because you rarely see him? What’s the deal with how you answered that question?

Devin Duggan: It (having a son) really was something that I guard close to my heart. It’s been a situation that I would keep close to my heart because it’s personal. I don’t want to give up that side of me until I know someone on an intimate level. Going into this (show), my focus was to give people a real-life look at who I am and not sugar-coat it. 

EURweb: How long has it been since you’ve seen your son? 

Devin Duggan: I do actively see him, but it’s not to the extent that I want to. And that’s been hindered by [his mother]. 

EURweb: During the round table interviews before the season started you mentioned that you had watched previous seasons with your mom. Is she a fan of the show? Did she encourage you to be a cast member? 

Devin Duggan: Yes. When I told my mother I was in the process of getting on the show, she was already watching a previous season and she encouraged me to get on the show. So I was glad for her to see me on the show!

Devin Duggan
Devin Duggan

EURweb: Was she disappointed when you were told to leave before you found love?

Devin Duggan: I don’t think she was disappointed. She always wanted me to be transparent, even on a national stage. Her opinion means more to me and anyone. I’m her only son. And she is one of my biggest supporters. 

EURweb. What about your father? It sounds like you don’t have a traditional relationship with your dad. Are you close to your father?

Devin Duggan: Me and my dad are building a new foundation for our relationship. He and my mother are still together. I’m lucky to have both parents in my life. My relationship with my dad became more of a player-coach relationship when I was in the NFL. So now we are establishing a different kind of relationship. 

EURweb: Since you left the show, how is your search for love going? What have you found out about yourself when it comes to finding love?

Devin Duggan: For so long I’ve always tried to impress the world, to make a good impression on people. Nowadays I’m truly content with who I am. I’m not trying to be somebody I’m not anymore.


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EURweb: One of the things that was an issue with cast member Shareese – because it seemed you two hit it off from the beginning – was that you didn’t bring a housewarming gift to dinner. And that you did #2 in her bathroom. How did you feel after hearing that?

Devin Duggan: Production is there to make a captivating show. From day one I think from my comments about my son, and my looks, I was cast as the ‘bad boy.’ Before the taco Tuesday dinner at Shareese’s house I reached out to (show) producers and asked if I should bring anything and I was told not to. But other people showed up with gifts. 

EURweb. So you think you not bringing anything as instructed might have been a part of the production to give Shareese something to talk about, because we know that’s something she would bring up?

Devin Duggan: Correct. Even though I didn’t bring anything that put a soft spot in her heart for me. And that’s why we stay in touch to this day. So you never know what’s going to happen. 

EURweb: The cast will be taping the reunion show soon. Are you planning to confront any cast members on anything? What is going to be the drama that we’re going to see on the reunion show?

Devin Duggan: I haven’t really watched the episodes since I left. But some people might have an issue with how producers edited the show. For me, though, it’s all love. I have no issues with anything. 

Duggan and Shareese hit it off from the beginning. With Duggan off the show, it was expected that Shareese would be next to be told she was not ready to love. Or perhaps some thought she might self-eliminate to be with him. Surprisingly, Shareese was safe this week. April was told she had to go. 

EURweb will sit down with April for her LIVEstream exit interview Sunday, April 21, 5pm CST/6pm EST on EURweb’s Facebook page.




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