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Women’s History Month Spotlight – The Journal of Steffanie Rivers | WATCH

Shenita Lawson

*March is Women’s History Month. With so many notable women who deserve to be celebrated, it’s even more important to acknowledge the next generation of achievers who strive for that number-one spot in their respective fields. Shenita Lawson is one of those women. This college sophomore is making a name for herself as a standout […]

Funky Dineva Quit $250k Gig? – The Journal of Steffanie Rivers

Fox Soul’s ‘Tea-G-I-F’ Expands to Five Nights a Week

*If you could work from home and earn $250k a year like Funky Dineva was purportedly earning, would there ever be a good reason to walk away from it? Social media has made it possible for people to earn that much money with a Wi-Fi connection and an engaging personality. YouTube creator Funky Dineva is […]

Is Your Water Safe to Drink? – The Journal of Steffanie Rivers | WATCH

water running from faucet

*The human body is made of at least 50% water. We drink it, bathe in it, and use it to grow food and other products. As plentiful as this natural resource might seem, clean drinking water has become scarce, because of high levels of toxins. That’s dangerous for people in general, especially for developing children […]

Tyler Perry’s Advice to Black Women: The Journal of Steffanie Rivers | WATCH

Tyler Perry - Courtesy Tyler Perry Studios

*People are getting into sidebar arguments over Tyler Perry’s Advice to Black Women about dating and I’ve got something to say about it. Even though I have strong feelings about what he said, I was gonna stay on the sidelines, because 1) I don’t feel the need to express every thought that I have; and […]

Are You Team Keke? – The Journal of Steffanie Rivers

Keke Palmer with baby son- Instagram

*Relationships can be easy to get into, but hard to maintain. The latest example is entertainer Keke Palmer‘s relationship with Darius Jackson, the father of Palmer’s 5-month-old son. The couple’s public disagreement over what she wore to an Usher Raymond concert has many people choosing sides. Whether or not you are team Keke, lessons can […]

Fat People On A Plane – The Journal of Steffanie Rivers | VIDEO

Jaelynn Chaney started petition to regulate passenger comfort

*The summer travel season is one of the busiest for the airline industry. Those who stick close to home venture farther during the summer season. That means you’ve got people from different socioeconomic backgrounds, different races, and cultures sharing the same space flying through the air in a metal container. Air travel numbers have risen […]