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Comedian Sam Jay Developing Series About ‘Four Studs’ in Atlanta

Comedian Sam Jay
Comedian Sam Jay / Instagram @samjaycomic

*Comedian Sam Jay made history as the first Black lesbian writer on “Saturday Night Live” in 2017. She is now focused on turning her passion project about four studs in Atlanta into a series.

As reported by The Blast, the potential project would follow her current Netflix special called “3 in the Morning,” which premiered in 2020, and her sitcom called “Pause With Sam Jay” on HBO. The show is currently in its second season. She also co-created and co-stars in the Peacock original series “Bust Down.”

Speaking to The Blast correspondent Ty Cole, Jay revealed that she’s developing a series centered around queer women.

“I have a show I’m developing loosely about four studs in Atlanta, which will mimic my younger days, chasing women, and looking at the masculine-centered journey. I will say that this is my biggest passion project,” she explained. 

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“I do need some time for myself to really think about how to enter that story. Those types of stories, especially when you’ve never really seen them, I feel like you’re under this pressure like I have to do this. While that is correct, you’re never going to cover every base. There will always be a person who feels you didn’t address this or forgot this, but at least I got to make it as correct as I can make sure that the story is being told authentically and in a way that’s true to me,” Jay continued. 

Jay also spoke about the new season of “Pause With Sam Jay” and noted that this will be her most “personal” yet.

“Season two is super personal to me,” she told the outlet.

“You will see me unpacking some things that I’ve been struggling with personal and things I’ve been thinking about as I’m stepping into the next phases of my life. The conversations this season are going to be deeper. This season is a season of heavy lifting in a good way. There are a lot of conversations people are having but not in public and we’re not seeing it on television. I’m also being driven by a very personal experience so it’s going to be an interesting ride,” Jay added. 

Jay said she is “blessed to be a comic,” and always strives to be the best version of herself, no matter the setting or situation she’s in.

“I think because of that, being authentic comes with the job. The comics I love were always their most authentic selves. Comedy as an art form comes in all different shapes and sizes. I just try to remain me. I think that’s just a challenge in life which is showing up as yourself every day. The world pokes, pushes, and prods, but then you have to keep choosing yourself every day.”

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