Friday, July 1, 2022

John Salley On His Favorite Sneaker & Starring in Disney+ ‘Sneakerella’ | Watch

In the new Disney+ film “Sneakerella,” New York city’s street-sneaker culture is the backdrop to this re-imagined version of the classic fairy tale “Cinderella.”

The story centers on El (Chosen Jacobs) a Queens teen working in his stepfather’s sneaker store who dreams of becoming a shoe designer. A chance meeting with legendary basketball star and sneaker brand icon Darius King’s (John Salley) daughter Kira (Lexi Underwood,) plus a little magic, lead to a musical journey of El finding the courage to pursue his dream.

Salley has a lot in common with his character Darius – it was one of the things that excited him about the role. The former 15-year NBA player won four NBA championships with three teams. He also had his own shoe out in the 90s and has plans to launch a new one. In “Sneakerella,” King is the father of two daughters. Similarly, Salley has all girls too.

Salley is a known sneaker aficionado, he spoke with EUR about his favorite.

“My current favorite sneaker is a Nike limited edition “Black Lives Matter” sneaker that I wear often. The pattern is African and has Kente cloth on it. It’s a phenomenal sneaker, and everybody that sees it flips out,” said Salley. “Now we’re in the process of developing my own shoe. I had my own shoe when we won the championship in 1990 with the Detroit Pistons. It just didn’t continue. I heard that they are going for $1,000 on eBay now. I only have one pair stored, though. I’m not sure where the other five went. I have Michael Jordan’s sneakers autographed, and I have Shaq’s sneakers, Scottie Pippen and Dennis Rodman, but I only have one pair of my own.”

“Sneakerella” is available to stream exclusively on Disney+ now.




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