Friday, July 1, 2022

Mark Wahlberg On Gaining 30lbs in 6 Weeks! | EURexclusiveWatch

*It’s been a big year for Mark Wahlberg! Fresh off the release of “Uncharted” the actor is back with a lead role in Sony Pictures Releasing “Father Stu.”

In this film, Wahlberg plays Father Stuart Long, a boxer-turned priest following a life-changing illness. He gained 30 pounds in just six short weeks, eating 7,000 to 11,000 calories per day, to play this role. 

“It was terrible!” said Wahlberg. “When you think about it, anything that was on my wishlist or that I most desired and craved, was not on the menu. I thought we’ll be eating pancakes in the morning, I’ll have to put a little whip cream on there, extra syrup, some toast with butter, none of that was on the menu. It was like a steak, a dozen eggs, 12 pieces of bacon, two bowls of white rice, a glass of olive oil to drink at the end, and then the same meal or something similar, two hours later.”

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Mark Wahlberg - Father Stu (YouTube screenshot)
Mark Wahlberg – Father Stu (YouTube screenshot)

Although it may have been challenging preparing for the role, Wahlberg knew Long’s story was one he had to help share with the world. 

“It was just so inspiring,” said Wahlberg. “To think about all the hardships and all the difficulties and adversity he faced. The struggles of parents losing a child, not having the skills to cope with that, another child kind of being left to figure life out on his own, angry and mad at the world and then to find God the way he did and even facing more difficulty and struggle, he embraced that and handled all those things with dignity and grace.” 

“Father Stu” is based on a true story and will be in theaters April 13th. The film also stars Teresa Ruiz, Jacki Weaver, and Mel Gibson.




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