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The Pulse of Entertainment: Nova, Maddie, Felix, Ayetone Release ‘Don’t Matter Now’ Single on NIMG

No Idea Music Group roster of artists on the ‘Don’t Matter Now’ single include (L to R) R&B’s Nova, Pop’s Maddie Flood, Blues/Soul’s Felix Quinata, and Rapper Ayetone.

*“This particular song shows the quality of our sound and it combines all four of our artists to one…sound,” said Kristin “K” Ford, COO of the record label No Idea Music Group headquartered in Los Angeles inside a massive building that houses everything including several recording studios, about the NIMG single “Don’t Matter Now.” “We use the formula of Motown – everything is produced in-house. We do everything in-house…branding…only with an innovative twist of the 20th Century.”

The four artists K. Ford speaks of includes Hip-Hop/R&B’s Nova, Alternative Pop’s Maddie Flood, Blues/Soul/Rock/R&B’s Felix Quinata and rapper Ayetone aka T.O.N.E. No Idea Music Group’s owners consist of K. Ford, Creative Director Latham Ford, and Sound/Audio Engineer Robert “Z” Zarate.

“I can do it all,” said Felix about his talents. “I was in a Blues band in my hometown. I moved to Los Angeles two years ago to do my own (sound).”

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About the single “Don’t Matter Now” Felix said. “I heard this beat and Latham like it. It felt right. We came up with a hook. It’s no more than 3 minutes long. It highlights everyone. It has a music video.”

The “Don’t Matter Now” single does highlight each artists sound and it leaves you wanting to hear more. I also agree with Ford, the quality of the sound is of iconic level.

“I’m pulling from a lot of different types of music,” said Maddie about her style/sound. “I went to a college for theatre, but I am super interested in showing my sound.”

On the single “Don’t Matter Now” Flood said, “I think it allows our differences to come together seamlessly…it feels natural.”

When asked how NIMG found everyone Felix responded by saying, “Everybody found the Group individually. I knew Z from my hometown. He recorded my 1st Rock-N-Roll album. He moved to Los Angeles and I followed.”

“Because of the pandemic we have been doing live in-studio performances online,” K. Ford informed me when I asked.

On their goals for the future in the music/entertainment industry Felix Quinata said, “I want to play as many shows as possible. The bigger the stage the better…I want to work for a long time.”

Maddie Flood added, “I’d love to get in any creative medium I can…to express/to connect to the people.”

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