Tuesday, July 5, 2022

MAGA App Gettr Bans Black Pundit for Using N-word | WATCH

Jon Miller
Jon Miller – image via Twitter

*When former Donald Trump aide Jason Miller launched the social media site GETTR, he touted it as a “cancel-free zone,” but now the platform is moving to ban users.

As reported by The Daily Beast, Jon Miller, a Black male, right-wing pundit, has been banned after using the N-word in his profile. Jon then took to Twitter to rant about it, saying, “The ‘free speech’ frauds at @GETTRofficial have suspended me for no reason. I didn’t even use it. I had no posts. Guess I was too critical of them for suspending others? What does it say when the 1st platform to ban me is the one that sells itself as the free speech alternative?”

Communications director Ebony Boden clapped back, writing: “You did use our platform, and you included the N-word in your profile, a clear violation of our terms of service. Gettr does defend free speech but we’ve got no room for racial slurs. Bye,” Bowden wrote.

Jon Miller responded, “Wow a black man can’t even refer to his own people freely if it makes a patronizing white woman mad! We ADOPTED that word as a term of ENDEARMENT because of racist Democrats (slave owners) like you.”

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A GETTR spokesperson said in a statement, “Jon Miller was suspended from GETTR because he used the N-word in his profile. This is a clear violation of our terms of service.”

GETTR describes itself as a “social media platform founded on the principles of free speech, independent thought and rejecting political censorship and ‘cancel culture.'”

Jason Miller recently told “Mornings with Maria” that alternative social media platforms such as GETTR are popping up to take down Big Tech.

“This has never been about GETTR vs. Truth Social,” he said. “This is about taking power away from Silicon Valley oligarchs and decentralizing more, so it’s not just Twitter and Facebook who have all the control.”

He also touched on “political discrimination” on social media against right-leaning beliefs. 

“Look at the way Nicki Minaj was put into digital jail, or the way that they’re trying to cancel Dave Chappelle. So, they’re not going to stop until they completely frame the world in their own viewpoint,” Jason Miller said. 

“This is truly a global issue; it’s not just in the U.S. where you have these frustrations with Big Tech,” he said. “What we have a focus on here is protecting the free speech but also making sure it’s a safe environment for people to join.” 

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