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2021 Coalition of Indigenous Americans Top Influencers Awards Nominees Announced

Americans Congrats to Top Influencers Award
2021 Coalition of Indigenous Americans Congrats to Top Influencers Awards

*The Coalition of Indigenous Americans Top Influencer’s Awards nominations were officially announced recently, during a broadcast of the BURN/Black University Radio Network hosted by Executive Producer Lamar Blackmon and we’ve got the results below. By the way, BURN  is currently celebrating its 25th Anniversary (37+ College Campuses )

The End of the Year, Top Influencer’s Recognition Awards Show

Broadcasting live! New Years Eve,  December 31, 2021
[email protected] American Heiress Channel.
Time: 5pm Eastern –  2pm Pacific

Two Grand Prizes will be awarded to “Top Influencer of the Year ”  and ” Indigenous American, Song of the Year.”
Grand Prize Value: $3,000 dollars in, National Promotions, PR, Marketing, Radio Tracking, and Branding Services.
Six Nominees will receive exclusive Coalition of Indigenous Americans, Awards Certificates.

MORE NEWS ON EURWEB: Eddie Durham: World War II Veteran and Chicago Resident Celebrated his 100th Birthday

Coalition of Indigenous Americans Top Influencer Awards of 2021 Nominees“The Coalition of Indigenous Americans is a grass-roots organization based in California, dedicated to enlightening our people about our hidden history and true identity.”  The award show is our way of honoring those dedicated Influencers, who have put in the work, through educating, informing, and leadership, by way of their YouTube, social media platforms, and channels over this past year.  – Kristian Stovall, Coalition of Indigenous Americans, Founder

Media Partners: EURweb BURN Spin It Media Blackmon Entertainment Media

Coalition of Indigenous Americans Congrats to Top Influencers 2021 GIFCONGRATULATIONS Coalition of Indigenous Americans!

2021  Top Influencers NOMINEES

Debate of the Year
-Big Aboriginal Power vs Brother Sanchez
– Legendary Topcatz vs Brother Jabari
– P&F Digital Prophet Media tv Vs Root Words

Rookie of the Year
-111 Truth Searcher
– Big Dog Philly OG
– Sistar Soul Mane Radio

Best Weekly Show
-Big Aboriginal Power’s Wake and Bake show
-Sister Bethy Talk Show
-The Matriarch Express

Best Group Podcast
-The Matriarch Express
-Sistar Soul Mane Radio
-Big Aboriginal Power’s Wake and Bake

Best Docu-Series
-Legendary Topcatz “The Making of an African American”
-Dane Calloway “From Indian to Colored”
-Supreme Chief Holiday “The Aborigine Horror Show”

Best Song of the Year
-Trey Ali “Black Codes”
-Threadz 3000 “My Nijji”
-King Azir “Incarnated”

Most Consistent
-Big Aboriginal Power
-The Original Copper Empress Holbert
-Aboriginal T.V

Most Positive Influencer 
-The American Heiress
-The Matriarch Express
-432 The Drop Radio

Most Growth
-111 Truth Searcher
-Tribe Biz

Best Documentary
-Ancient History Hunters Straight Out Of America
-Kurimeo Ahau Pre Columbus “Black” Nations of America
-UB Newz Boule

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