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Greensboro Woman Becomes First-Time Mom at Age 50, Husband is 61 [VIDEO]

Susie Troxler
Susie Troxler and her 61-year-old husband Tony Troxler via Twitter

*A Greensboro, North Carolina woman is speaking out after becoming a first-time mom at 50.  Susie Troxler and her 61-year-old husband Tony Troxler wed in 2008 and immediately tried to get pregnant but were plagued by a slew of health issues. The couple admits that they struggled with fertility problems for decades before the birth of their miracle baby in September. 

“We got married later in life, obviously, and we just assumed we would get pregnant like most people,” Susie Troxler said. “One year turned into two, then three, but when it got to be nine, 10, 11 years, we were like, something is up, and I’m not sure what it is.”

She continued, “I had a boatload of uterine fibroids. I was too old, and Tony had some medical issues, so, between the two of us, there was not going to be a baby.”

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As reported by WFMY 2 News, Susie is a psychologist in Greensboro and her husband works at Cone Health. Due to their ages, the couple turned to IVF and egg donation.

“They always said it nicely, but bottom line, when you take away all of the official medical jargon, it was a no! They said, ‘it’s not happening, so you’re going to need a whole lot of help,’” Troxler said.

“In this situation, given her advanced age, no one had given them their options for attempting to conceive,” said Cone Health OBGYN Dr. Carolyn Harraway-Smith.

“I don’t think pregnancy at this late age is for everyone. There are risks involved for both you and the pregnancy, including miscarriage and diabetes, among other health issues,” Harraway-Smith said.

Harraway-Smith referred the Troxlers to Carolinas Fertility Institute where Susie’s fibroids were removed and doctors performed rounds of egg collections and IFV, per the report. 

“None of that worked, and we were down to our last embryo,” Susie said. “They bring me into the ultrasound, and the first thing they said was, ‘Oh, she’s moving!’ I was like, ‘Yes!’”

The couple’s baby girl, Lily Troxler, was born on September 29. Five pounds, 12 ounces.

“Before she was even born, she had me wrapped around her pinky,” laughed Tony Troxler. “I love her so much. Every time I look at her, I feel myself just staring at her. It’s amazing!”

“We are thrilled. Sleep-deprived, but totally beyond worth it. She is a miracle baby,” Susie Troxler said.

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