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Barbados Cuts Ties to Queen Elizabeth & Becomes A Republic + Rihanna Accorded National Hero Status

Queen Elizabeth and Sandra Mason - GettyImages
Queen Elizabeth and Sandra Mason (Barbados’ Governor) – GettyImages

*The #Caribbean country #Barbados is cutting ties with the Queen to become a republic. Barbados will be a republic, which is a government ruled by the representatives of the citizen. It has been 55 years since the country declared independence from Britain.⁠

The country’s governor, Sandra Mason, said the revival plan had been in motion since last September. She says, “the time has come to fully leave our colonial past behind.” Mason will be sworn in as the country’s first president. A shock for some but the small country claims this has been a long time coming.⁠

The country will remove #QueenElizabethII Monday in a ceremony. Prince Charles will also be in attendance and give a speech. His presence shows the relationship between the two countries will remain friendly and resourceful to one another.⁠

Britain’s involvement with Barbados has a harsh history. In the 17th century, Barbados was claimed by the British and used hundreds of thousands of laborers as slaves from Africa. Though it became the main source of sugar, it also fueled British slave owners driving slavery’s economy.

(Scroll down below the IG post to read about Rihanna being named a national hero of Barbados.)

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Wait! There’s more.

On November 30, pop star Rihanna was named a National Hero of Barbados, her home country.

ZThe singer/business woman was born in the Barbadian parish of Saint Michael, and on the country’s 55th Independence Day, she was awarded the nation’s highest honor.

“Nothing compares to being recognized in the soil that you grew in,” Rihanna said during her acceptance speech.

She added …

“Barbadians are a proud people,” she said. “We are probably the proudest people I know. No matter where I go, in the world I take that pride with me.”

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