Thursday, September 29, 2022

EUR Book Look: ‘Starvin’ Artist: Hunger for Success’ – by Anthony Waldren

Starvin' Artist book cover

*Aleah Jean Publishing is delighted to announce the publication of the Starvin’ Artist: Hunger for Success book by Anthony Waldren. Everyone, including critics, will surely love this book.

Dackeyia Sterling of Entertainment Power Players ® called the book, “…A poignant and revealing memoir, with helpful guidance and priceless tips for everyone, especially future entrepreneurs and go-getters.”

Finding success in this thing called “life” can be complicated. Sometimes we’re driven by an insatiable hunger; other times, we drift in life aimlessly looking for pur­ pose. Yet, what appears to be circumstances meant to bury us can become the foun­ dation from which we grow. In life, we grow strong and resilient simply because of our courage to continue through seemingly insurmountable obstacles.

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Anthony Waldren
Anthony Waldren

This book is an example of what happens when perseverance becomes less of an admirable quality and more of a way of life. Starvin’ Artist: Hunger for Success is a truly inspirational story of how poverty, violence, and drug abuse ran rampant in un­ derserved minority communities and how those experiences shaped a young Black boy into a successful husband, father, and business owner. Anthony found peace and solace in art. Despite many challenges, Anthony used the adversity of his reality to fuel his hunger for success.

Starvin’ Artist: Hunger for Success is a reminder that everything-every win, every conquest, every loss, every obstacle, every speed bump, every mistake, and every mishap-can be a stepping stone to success. This book is a guide for taking life ex­ periences (not only in Anthony’s life but the lives of many others) and finding lessons in them and using those lessons to change the trajectory of your life. Learn more at
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