Friday, November 26, 2021

‘Ron’s Gone Wrong’ is Sure to Reprogram Our Hearts! | WATCH

*“Ron’s Gone Wrong” is sure to reprogram our hearts, as we watch Ron and Barney embark on a journey to create the ultimate bond of friendship!

The 20th Century Studios and Locksmith Animation film, tells the story of Barney, a shy socially-isolated middle schooler, who puts a high demand on high-tech gadgets – but what he really wants is friendship. Fortunately, Barney ends up with Ron, a technically-defective robot whose hilariously daring malfunctions shake Barney out of his cocoon and help him discover the true meaning of friends.

EUR correspondent, Tifarah Dixon, spoke with co-director Sara Smith and writer Peter Baynham about what their personal B-Bot would look like.

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Ron's Gone Wrong
Ron’s Gone Wrong (2021)

TD: “Ron’s Gone Wrong” juggling topics like friendship, bullying, corporate greed and social media…how did the story come together?

SS: You start with something truthful, things that your kids are going through in their friendships…arguments about social media, and as you start to think about it and talk about it, you find that there are so many other aspects to it. And even though you’ll want to get it all in the movie, you can only touch on a few of them. Hopefully, they’ll become layers behind your central emotional story, which is about a kid figuring out what friendship is and struggling to do that in a modern and online world.

PB: …It also naturally grows out of the common plot. If there were actually one of these devices [like a B-Bot] in the world, punching kids and doing naughty things, you would obviously have the biggest product-recall in history and that’s what we had to have in this film.

Ron's Gone Wrong
Ron’s Gone Wrong (2021)

TD: Sarah, you’re no stranger to creating family films, like “Arthur Christmas,” from a creative standpoint is “Ron’s Gone Wrong” in a league of its own or were you able to pull certain elements from your past work-experience?

SS: I learned so much about making a film from the amazing crew on “Arthur Christmas” and I brought all of that into this…so that made some of it easier but there are always gigantic new challenges. When I look at both of those films, I see that they’re very much me and Pete (Baynham) because we’ve been friends for 30 years and I think our friendship is inside both of those movies!

“Ron’s Gone Wrong” hits theaters October 22nd.

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