Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Candace Owens Hit with $20M Lawsuit After Calling Kimberly Klacik a Strip Club ‘Madame’
Candace Owens and Kimberly Klacik

*Candace Owens has been hit with a $20 million defamation lawsuit by former Maryland GOP congressional candidate Kimberly Klacik

Klacik is coming for the right-wing provocateur after Owens posted a video to social media in June accusing Kimberly of being a strip club “madame” who laundered money and used campaign funds to buy and snort cocaine.

Owens responded to the lawsuit on Twitter, writing “Kimberly Klacik is a former stripper fraud who has me blocked on EVERY social media account since I exposed her shady FEC filings. She then called the lawsuit “frivolous” and an attempt “to distract/avoid questions about her FEC filings.”

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Their beef reportedly began after Owens said Dr. Anthony Fauci should go to prison. She also mocked Naomi Osaka’s mental health struggles and slammed Biden’s decision to make Juneteenth a holiday. 

Klacik, a former Republican nominee for Maryland’s 7th Congressional District, quote-tweeted a post from Owens that said: “Sometimes I wonder when (if ever) Black America will wake up to the psychological warfare and perpetual brainwash to believe everything is racist.”

Klacik wrote in reply to the tweet: “Believe it or not, many in ‘Black America’ are very aware the fight is classism rather racism. Unfortunately, the loudest mouths with the largest platforms represent the majority. This might come to a shock to you because of your lack of engagement with black people.”

Owens responded days later with a 44-minute Instagram video accusing Klacik of engaged in criminal activity prior to and following her unsuccessful bid for a Maryland congressional seat.

Here’s more from The Daily Beast:

According to Klacik’s attorney, the pundit has lost a book deal, been pulled from political fundraisers, lost a contract with a “nationally recognized vendor,” and seen her television appearances dry up. (Klacik had at one point, like Owens, been a regular guest on Fox News programming.)

While specifically noting she is “not an investigative journalist” and “could not confirm” any allegations about Klacik, Owens nonetheless accused her of “money laundering, tax fraud and campaign fraud” and recruiting strippers to work at a club she claims Klacik’s husband owns. She also alleged Klacik pushed her campaign vendors to “move money off the books.”

“In making these allegations of criminal activity, [Owens] claimed to have received information from someone who ‘stripped with [Ms. Klacik]’ and who allegedly told [Owens] that Ms. Klacik used campaign funds to purchase cocaine and scammed people of millions,” the complaint adds. “These caustic and made-up defamatory allegations are without factual support.”

In a statement to Law & Crime, Klacik attorney Jacob S. Frenkel said that “baseless character assassination has no place in political dialogue” and Owens used her “huge social media platform to attack a respected Baltimore political figure.”

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