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Wyclef Jean+MC Jin “Stop the Hatred” Out Now

Wyclef and MC Jin
Wyclef and MC Jin create an ally ship anthem  bringing awareness to Black and Asian American Solidarity

*MC Jin and Wyclef Jean release “Stop the Hatred”, a collaboration that comments on the solidarity between Black and Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) allyship in the midst of the #StopAsianHate movement. In partnership with The Asian American Foundation (TAAF) the record’s music video brings awareness to financial and educational resources available to AAPI families.

“After witnessing the uptick of heinous hate crimes against the AAPI community, I knew I wanted to use my artistry to inspire this generation to take action in a way that has never been done before. To be able to reconnect with Wyclef for this song is not only special for me on a personal level, but also symbolizes the importance of solidarity amongst all communities during these dark times,” says MC Jin. “The song title was actually inspired by my 8 year old son, Chance, who boldly shouted “Stop the hatred” into a crowd of thousands at a #StopAsianHate rally in New York City.”

MC Jin is credited as the first Asian American solo rapper to sign with a major record label back in 2003. He released his first single, “Learn Chinese” which featured Wyclef on the track. Jin and Wyclef reconnect to produce “Stop the Hatred” as a testament to their friendship and symbol of time-tested allyship for the next generation.

When asked about the collaboration being released on his label, Heads Music, Wyclef Jean commented, “Racism and hate against underrepresented communities can only be fought with unity. I’m proud to work with my brother, MC Jin, to build bridges for our communities through our music. We all need to be active in our fight to Stop the Hatred.”

#StopAsianHate and #BlackLivesMatter are two racial justice movements that share in their battle to fight against unjust killings, discrimination and hate crimes.

1On May 26, MC Jin and Wyclef Jean will host a talk on Discord’s Partnered Hip Hop server, to discuss with fans the song, music video, and the importance of coming together around this issue.

“We’re honored to support MC Jin and Wyclef to help shine a light on this movement and deeply powerful message,” said Tesa Aragones, Chief Marketing Officer at Discord. “As a first-generation Filipino American, allyship for the AAPI community is deeply important to my personal life and the work we’re doing at Discord to create an inclusive place where no one feels like an outsider.”

The “Stop the Hatred” music video directed by Bao Nguyen, Sundance Selected filmmaker, releases today, May 13, on MC Jin and Wyclef Jean’s respective YouTube pages. “Stop the Hatred” is available for download and streaming on all music platforms. EST, Stampede Ventures and Westbrook Media produced the project. Follow the movement on Instagram @stopthehatred_official.

New Music Video:

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