Sunday, September 25, 2022

Candace Owens Mocks Simone Biles for Pulling Out of Olympics to Focus on Mental Health

*Candace Owens has suggested Simone Biles is a coward for pulling out of the Olympics.

As we previously reported, Biles withdrew from Thursday’s individual all-around competition at the Tokyo Games to focus on her mental well-being. The announcement came a day after she stumbled on the vault and pulled out of Tuesday’s team final.

“After further medical evaluation, Simone Biles has withdrawn from the final individual all-around competition at the Tokyo Olympic Games, in order to focus on her mental health,” USA Gymnastics said in a statement on Wednesday. “We wholeheartedly support Simone’s decision and applaud her bravery in prioritizing her well-being. Her courage shows, yet again, why she is a role model for so many.”

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“Physically, I feel good, I’m in shape,” Biles told “Today’s” Hoda Kotb about her decision. “Emotionally, that kind of varies on the time and moment. Coming to the Olympics and being head star isn’t an easy feat, so we’re just trying to take it one day at a time and we’ll see.”

Owens commented on a tweet by The Babylon Bee CEO Seth Dillon, who criticized Simone’s decision to pull out of the summer games in Tokyo. His tweet read, “Simone Biles just said sitting out the big competitions shows how strong you really are. That’s like saying soldiers who run away from battle are courageous. Cowardice is not courage; weakness is not strength. Great athletes understand this.”

Owens sarcastically fired back with, “Doing nothing is courage. Anyone who disagrees is a white supremacist. Welcome to 2021.”

Per Ace Showbiz, Candace caught heat for her comment. “All of you have such bad takes on this,” said one person who came to Simone’s defense. “This is not basketball. This is not softball. YOU CAN DIE in this sport. You apparently did not do it and cannot relate. When you get in your head you get hurt. Fear gets you hurt and it comes out of nowhere sometimes.”

Another Twitter user called Candace “vile,” writing, “People who attack Simone for making a personal decision are vile.” Someone else added, “I’m always so confused by you. I mean, you are articulate – or maybe that’s just fluency because most of what you say is so nonsensical. Simone Biles chose to prioritize her mental health – how are you bothered by that. In 2021?”

At the time of the post, Simone has not responded to Candace’s comments. 

“My pride is hurt a little bit,” Biles told reporters Tuesday after she pulled out of the Olympics. “After the (vault) performance that I did (on Monday), I didn’t want to go into the other events so I thought I would take a step back.” She added, “I have to focus on my mental health and not jeopardise my health and well-being.”

She later admitted in an interview with “Today” that she is “super frustrated of how the night played out, but super proud of these girls that stepped up and did what they needed to do and now we’re Olympic silver medalists, so it’s something that we’ll cherish forever.” She also assured that “physically, I feel good, I’m in shape.”

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